Unlikely Hikers Podcast 05: Mercy M’fon of Wild Diversity

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Episode 05 with Mercy M’fon of Wild Diversity!

Mercy M’fon is the founder and executive director of Wild Diversity, a non-profit creating outdoor experiences for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) & the LGBTQIA+ communities. She has over 15 years of community leadership as an educator and facilitator and she uses this knowledge and passion to create community-based approaches to decolonized outdoor stewardship that nourish our inherent connection to the land. wilddiversity.com| ig: @wilddiversity 

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Show notes

Brené Brown: Finding Our Way to True Belonging
Resilience Conference May 16th & 17th (online)
Backyard Birding Event this Sunday 5/3 (online)
Wild Diversity’s Gear Library

Articles on Mercy: Travel Oregon: Making Oregon’s Outdoors Welcoming for AllPortland Mercury: Our Trails Too Offers a Look at a Better, More Inclusive Wilderness

In the episode, Mercy referenced recent attacks on BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ community members. Here are a few resources: Man Convicted of Hate Crime in Beating of Oregon Trans Woman, Oregon State Parks Are Funding Free Camping Weekends for Disabled, LGBTQ, and POC Campers

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Podcast drawing by, Olivia Winokur

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