July 31 – Unlikely Hikers Podcast 12: Disabled Hikers with Syren Nagakyrie & members of the Unlikely Hikers community
July 15 – Unlikely Hikers Podcast 11: You Can Do Hard Things – a storytelling episode with Will “Akuna” Robinson, Megan Banker, Pattie Gonia & Keenan Adams
June 5 – Justice for Breonna Taylor
May 30
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May 22 –  I was on a podcast that isn’t my own: Redefining Health & Wellness Podcast: Discovering Body Liberation in the Great Outdoors with Jenny Bruso
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I’m a white, queer, fat, femme, writer, hiker, group hike leader and founder of Unlikely Hikers. I have CPTSD and it affects every part of my life. A late bloomer to the outdoors, it wasn’t until 2012 that I went on the hike that would change the course of my life from career waitress to outdoor leader and advocate for underrepresented outdoorspeople.

Outside, I discovered a connection with nature, joyful movement and a sense of place in a world I struggle to fit into. I also found outdoor culture to be hostile to everyone who didn’t fit the white, straight-size, cishet-normative, able-bodied mold. This led to the creation of Unlikely Hikers. The outdoors should be for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY.

I live and adventure in Portland, Oregon, but you can find me all over the country leading hikes with Unlikely Hikers.

–Jenny Bruso, she/her/hers |