Dalles Mountain Ranch

  • Level: Easy (Beginner level: challenging)
  • Length: ~5.5 miles
  • Elevation: >1,000 ft. gain
  • Type: loop
  • Open: all year
  • Permit: Discover Pass or $5
  • Drive time from Portland: 1h30m
  • Google map: “crawford oaks trailhead”
  • Features: Eastern Gorge, spring wildflowers, waterfall

Every day that has passed in the week-and-a-half since I did this trail, I’ve felt like I was hoarding it. It was so unbelievably beautiful. You must go before the flowers go to seed and it gets too damn hot. There’s very little shade and it’s been so gross in Portland that I wasn’t even thinking about sunscreen yet and got pretty badly burnt. WEAR SUNSCREEN. Continue reading “Dalles Mountain Ranch”

Unlikely Hikers nice & slow group hike!

This is a SPECIAL EDITION group hike specifically for people who NEED a slower pace on a flatter, shorter trail. I want to create a safer space for people to be able to be in their bodies in nature with others who understand needing extra or specific care. This is for the chronic pain cuties, fat babes who want/need a safer setting like this, etc. I don’t want to overly define this, so if you see yourself in it, welcome! If you are NOT SOMEONE WHO NEEDS THIS, the next group hike will be posted Monday, 5/15.

I’m keeping the invite private/invite only, so please send me an e-mail address via comment here or e-mail me at thejennybruso@gmail.com.

Donate & Sponsor(new)

Hi, I have dreams. I am making them come true, but I need help. I am taking a leap of faith and asking YOU, dear reader, for help.

I am currently doing this blog, planning group hikes and related events, participating in events I’ve been invited to because of my blog and Unlikely Hikers, working my actual day job and somehow finding time to hike so I don’t lose my marbles.

It is impossible. I am always behind and there are always things I want to do that I simply can’t as things currently are.

These ventures are building invaluable community. I know this because I am frequently told so and I feel like I’m actually seeing things change for the better. Continue reading

Part I: Fat Woman Falling

The pouring rain hadn’t let up for even a moment from the time we all woke up, to meeting up at Travis’s, to pulling up to the Kurt’s Connection trailhead on Mt. Hood. We were doing this despite the rain’s protests. There was only the faintest vibe of, hey, maybe we should try this again another day? but the trail was only three miles long and no one wanted to be that person. I was vaguely comforted by the fact there was one other person there who hadn’t snowshoed before, but I knew I’d be the slowest person on account of generally being slower and I was also recovering from tearing a meniscus in my left knee two-and-a-half months prior.

It technically wasn’t my first time. My girlfriend, Brie, and I did it once for our second anniversary. We rented snowshoes and had no clue what we were doing, but the day would end with whiskey and a hot tub in a fancy cabin, so who cared? We accidentally picked a “difficult” trail and it was awful. We fell over and over and it was hilarious until it wasn’t anymore. We were beat up by the end, but we actually completed the trail. It didn’t ruin snowshoeing for me, but it took me another three years to give it this second shot. I thought it could only be a breeze after that first experience. Continue reading “Part I: Fat Woman Falling”

Queer Adventure Storytelling – a new event!

I am STOKED to announce a new event, Queer Adventure Storytelling! It will feature stories of the outdoors, traveling and beyond by queer, trans and gender non-conforming speakers. We hope to build community, share knowledge, elevate lesser-heard voices and inspire each other’s next adventures! I’m hosting this with Travis Frost and Trevor Homework McKee! Queer Adventure Storytelling will be a free, monthly event beginning Wednesday, May 10. Our first guest is Mercy Sham! RSVP on Facebook or don’t, just come! More details below… Continue reading “Queer Adventure Storytelling – a new event!”

Linnton Loop

  • Level: moderate
  • Length: 5.2 miles
  • Elevation: 930 ft. elevation gain
  • Type: loop
  • Open: all year
  • Permit: n/a
  • Drive time from Portland: +/-15m
  • Google map: “Linnton Loop Hike Trailhead”

This is my current favorite in-town hike. There are ridiculously gorgeous parts and annoying parts and difficult parts and old growth trees and all kinds of turns and changes to keep me on my toes, sometimes literally. There are downhill pitches where I basically tip-toe. It was the first tougher trail I did while rehabbing my knee and I’m hooked on it. Continue reading “Linnton Loop”