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I’m also looking for partnerships and sponsorships. Gear, clothing, travel, trail food, so many possibilities!

This venture is building invaluable community, I think that’s obvious to everyone who follows Unlikely Hikers. If you use or enjoy the content, culture and/or group hikes I’m producing, a great way to show support is by donating. You can even think of it as tipping! Especially when the information you benefit from is based on lived experience that doesn’t resemble your own. This is sometimes referred to as “emotional labor.” Are there ways my emotional labor benefits or reshapes your cultural understandings? Please consider making a monthly donation to my Patreon (w/rewards!), or a one time donation to my Paypal or Venmo: @jenny-bruso.

If you’ve been following me for more than a minute, things probably look really glamorous. I’m obviously getting a lot of opportunities and “followers” (I still hate that we use that word!) and I’m beyond grateful! The truth is community building efforts, interviews and even tv and radio airtime don’t usually pay and it’s rarely proportionate to the amount of time and emotional labor I put in.


  • Financially sustain Unlikely Hikers. I put countless unpaid hours into this and I’ve never been more aware that time is money.
  • Plan out-of-Portland Unlikely Hiker meet-ups and do other community building events.
  • Obtain sponsorships and gear for hiking excellence. Want me to wear your plus-size clothing? Try your trail food? Use and review your gear? I can write reviews and take photos as promotion. Unlikely Hikers has a reach of more than 32k followers. E-mail me at, if this interests you.

Thank you for reading and your consideration.