Unlikely Hikers Podcast 01: Tasheon Chillous

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Episode 01 with Tasheon Chillous

Tasheon (she/her) is a plus-size Personal Trainer and Coach located in Tacoma, Washington. The lack of diversity in the fitness industry pushed her to pursue movement as a career instead of a hobby. She believes that movement does not have to be about changing a number on the scale or measurements and instead practices a HAES (Health At Every Size) and size-inclusive approach. She loves creating programs for people who want to improve their strength and confidence with functional and intuitive movement. In 2019, she created BOPOMO, a Body Positive Movement class specifically for plus-size, fat-identified, people of color and queer folks of all abilities to find joy and empowerment through movement. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she began offering classes online. Tasheon is also a self-described Unlikely Hiker. She didn’t really understand why people would climb mountains until 2017 when her brother died and hiking became a way to process her grief.

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Show notes:

Connect with Tasheon on Instagram: @chilltash
Virtual BOPOMO & get 1:1 coaching
Home Workout Database: Virtual fitness resources by POC, fat, trans and disabled instructors
Tasheon featured in Shape Magazine
HAES (Health At Every Size)
52 Hike Challenge
Amber Karnes
Jessamyn Stanley
Dana Falsetti
Decolonizing Fitness
The Fat Lip Podcast & the Fatness Spectrum Chart mentioned in the episode

This episode aired on Trans Day of Visibility. Being an ally to trans people is critical right now and always. Trans Lifeline is a trans-led organization that connects trans people to the community, support, and resources they need to survive and thrive. Please donate today or when you can. It isn’t enough to love trans people, action is essential, especially as anti-trans legislation is being passed all over the country right now.

Creating a podcast takes an extraordinary amount of time and we are currently unsponsored. Please consider making a donation for the good time. Sharing goes a long way, too xo

I asked the folks attending the live show to give me 3 words in the chat for how they’re doing right now:

Image 4-4-20 at 1.32 PM

I also asked them to share 3 things they are grieving right now because of COVID-19:

Image 4-4-20 at 1.29 PM

Podcast drawing by, Olivia Winokur

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