She Explores Episode 133: All this Possibility

Being a guest on She Explores for a second time feels like a big deal and I’m so honored. I love this podcast! This particular episode is about my 5-day trek on the Salkantay last summer. It’s something I’ve been really struggling with writing about, but this episode bridges some of those struggles.

I sincerely hope you’ll listen! You can find it wherever you get your podcasts, or: Episode 133: All this Possibility

If you want to make it a marathon, you can also listen to Episode 67: Fat & Outdoorsy.

And please share. I can’t express enough how far your shares of my posts and work goes for me. Thank you!

A note: the part where it sounds like Peru is referred to as a Black & Brown country was actually in reference to a post I made about travel on IG. Also, my use of the words “plus size” are out of respect for folks I was with who don’t identify with “fat.”

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