The world is garbage, but I’ve gotten more press!

Remember when I used to write and sometimes it was half-way good? I really miss that. All of these other forces, many of which are so good(!!!) keep distracting me. Fortunately, thanks to your donations, I have planned my first few days off purely to write and hike and scheme for all of you sweet things. THANK YOU!

Here’s some recent stuff I feel pumped about even though the my world is literally on fire. Literally. (Expect more from me on this soon, I don’t mean to be flippant. I’m currently fighting a losing battle against the undertow.)

The Superfit Hero Leggings contest has ended and Micki of Superfit Hero made this touching and cute video of the winners. Congratulations @bionicmama63, @jolievarela, @veggiepants! And THANK YOU to everyone who entered!

I was interviewed for the REI Co-op Journal, which is a really good thing and I love how it came out. It was an in-person interview and so far, those have been the best ones. Matt Wastradowski is a gem!

The Washington Nature Conservancy asked me to fill out this cute survey and I like what they did with it. You can do it, too!

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