Exercising in Public

For many, going to the gym or on a hike is something to look forward to to feel good and release the stress of our busy lives. For others, exercising in public is kind of a nightmare.

I swore off the gym years ago because I can disappoint myself by not exercising for free, but my favorite exercise, hiking, is a pretty public endeavor. Most of the time, I don’t really care how others see me, but every now and again, my little mind demons come out and play. I know that everyone goes through this, especially people who don’t “fit” the fitness mold. It feels impossible to not internalize negative messages we’ve received about how our bodies should look and work, but you CAN work through it.

If you breathe hard, it’s because your body needs more oxygen. When you sweat, it’s because your body is cooling itself off. It’s science and science rules!

Anything anyone says about your body is an opinion. Unless, it’s literal. Still, your body is no one’s business. The way you look says little about who you are. You are not responsible for how others view or treat you. That is victim-blaming mentality. Don’t let it be the reason you don’t do the things you want to do. Don’t wait for permission or approval. Moving is better than not moving. So MOVE! If you want to.

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Location: Mt. Hood, Oregon #mthood

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