Putting my own airbag on first.

When I can’t hike…

When I can’t write…

When I can’t sleep a full eight…

When I can’t eat food I’ve cooked for myself…

When I can’t camp or spend a day at a river…

I suffer. I’m suffering for mostly the best reasons. I’m basically working two full time jobs with the pay of one and while doing the work of Unlikely Hikers and all that’s coming with it is the best work I’ve ever done (so many good things coming, y’all!), I need HELP.

If you are in invested the work I’m doing, or just care about it, and are in a place to donate to my Patreon or Paypal, please consider doing so! My goal right now is to just be able work one day less a week to take care of myself.

You can read more about my financial background and goals, here.

5% goes to Trans Assistance Project (TAP).

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