Three Things

Three very cool things I’m happy to announce:

1. I was on a podcast that I love and I feel amazing about being asked to guest! I kind of hate hearing myself talk, especially when I’m less than eloquent, but isn’t that just such a cliche thing to get hung up on? I really enjoyed doing this and Nicole Antoinette RULES.


2. Oh hey, I did this cool thing for a very cool project. All of you who’ve hiked on the Wildwood by Pittock Mansion know about that horrible Burnside crossing. Anyway, Portland Parks Foundation is trying to build a footbridge! Here’s more info:

3. I’m participating in the SHIFT conference, in Jacksonhole, Wyoming, along with some of my social media bffs, some of which I’ll be meeting for the first time!!! I predict a lot of cackling, brain worshipping, plotting and scheming. Tons of outdoors leaders will be there. It’s kind of a big deal! And I have this cute speaker page. “SHIFT (Shaping How we Invest For Tomorrow) is a program of The Center for Jackson Hole. The 2017 SHIFT Festival’s theme explores “The Business Case for Public Lands:” How investments in outdoor recreation and the conservation of public lands create vibrant, resilient economies in communities around America.”

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