Unlikely Outdoors

6/5 straight up: I LOVE doing this newsletter, but I’m struggling with my personal deadlines. I’m trying to figure out how to Do It All in a way that is realistic for me and doesn’t sour good things. Thanks for bearing with me xo

Unlikely Outdoors is a monthly digest of news, resources, things I like and whatever I want usually regarding diversity, inclusion and representation in the outdoors. Yeah, this is biased AF. I feel really passionately about this as a resource and I hope you will, too.

Finding this info can be really difficult and I’ve done the work for you! You’re welcome.

If you’d like notifications for the newsletter, sign up on the menu tool bar or at the bottom of this page to follow (yes, even if you did in the past. I had problems with the service I was using).

Issue 04 – May 16, 2018
Issue 03 – April 1, 2018
Issue 02 – March 1, 2018
Issue 01 – February 1, 2018 (will be available again shortly)

1 Comment

  1. I am so happy that this group exists! Do you know if there are like-minded folks in the Phoenix area? I signed up for the newsletter. Is that my best resource? Thank you!


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