(Updated: July 11, 2017)

This is a list of nearly all of the trails I’ve done. There are new write-ups added often. See Gear + How to for hiking essentials and day-hiking excellence. Any questions, recommendations, mobility details, etc. get in touch: thejennybruso@gmail.comAlso, check out the Day Trips section for fun one-day adventures with less hiking and plenty of sights.

Trails with “(+ writing)” are more than just trail write-ups, they are actual stories. Read them!

There’s no way to rate the intensity of a trail without flaw. Our bods are a diverse rainbow. I get most of my stats from hiking books as I find the websites seem to exaggerate mileage and elevation gain/loss. Personally, I hate the word “easy,” but I’m doing my best. All “Easy” trails include a “Beginner Level” rating based on where I was when I started out, a person who never exercised and was not at all athletically inclined. This is a very general, but not always exact, breakdown:

  • Beginner Level = “Easy” trails up to 5 miles with up to 500 feet elevation gain are listed as “Doable.” If an “Easy” trail exceeds this, it is listed as “Challenging.” Easy = up to 7 miles with less than 1,000 feet elevation gain.
  • Moderate = Up to 8 miles with more than 1,000 feet elevation gain, but less than 2,000.
  • Difficult = Exceeds 8 miles and/or 2,000 feet elevation gain.



Columbia River Gorge (Oregon & Washington)

Mt. Hood

Clackamas Foothills

  • Bagby Hot Springs
  • Clackamas River Trail
  • Table Rock

Oregon Coast

Central Oregon Cascades

Santiam Foothills

McKenzie Foothills

Bend Area

  • Badlands
  • Cove Palisades
  • Scout Camp Trail
  • Smith Rock
  • Steelhead Falls

Eastern Oregon

High Desert

  • John Day Fossil Beds
  • Lower Deschutes River



Columbia Hills

Central Washington Cascades

  • Wallace Falls



San Diego

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