Recently added: Eagle Rock (10/5), Warrior Point (10/28), Billy Goat Trail (Sections C & B) (10/29), Great Falls (11/4), Hamilton Mountain (11/4)

Note: I’m making a lot of changes to this section, biggest of all, I’m phasing out the trail write-ups as it is difficult and joyless recording stats and writing detailed reports for how little interest they actually get. As of September 28, 2017, new posts will be more like photo blogs with personal notes instead. Feel free to ask anything and always do your own research. I’ll be converting all of the older ones to photo journals at some point, as well.

See Gear + How to for hiking essentials and day-hiking excellence. Also, check out the Day Trips section for fun one-day adventures with less hiking and plenty of sights.

Trails with “(+ writing)” are more than just trail write-ups, they are actual stories. Read them!

Difficulty Levels: There’s no way to rate the intensity of a trail without flaw. Our bods are a diverse rainbow. All “Easy” trails include a “Beginner Level” rating based on where I was when I started out, a person who never exercised and was not at all athletically inclined. This is a very general, but not always exact, breakdown:

  • Beginner Level = “Easy” trails up to 5 miles with up to 500 feet elevation gain are listed as “Doable.” If an “Easy” trail exceeds this, it is listed as “Challenging.” Easy = up to 7 miles with less than 1,000 feet elevation gain.
  • Moderate = Up to 8 miles with more than 1,000 feet elevation gain, but less than 2,000.
  • Difficult = Exceeds 8 miles and/or 2,000 feet elevation gain.



Columbia River Gorge (Oregon & Washington)

Mt. Hood

Clackamas Foothills

  • Bagby Hot Springs
  • Clackamas River Trail
  • Table Rock

Oregon Coast

Central Oregon Cascades

Santiam Foothills

McKenzie Foothills

Bend Area

  • Badlands
  • Cove Palisades
  • Scout Camp Trail
  • Smith Rock
  • Steelhead Falls

Eastern Oregon

High Desert

  • John Day Fossil Beds
  • Lower Deschutes River



Columbia Hills

Central Washington Cascades

  • Wallace Falls

Olympic Peninsula

Hoh River Trail (& Hall of Mosses)easy
Ozette Triangle / Cape Alava Loop
Enchanted Valley Trail to Pony Bridgeeasy



San Diego



Billy Goat Trail Sections C & B (Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historic Park) – easy options



Great Falls (Great Falls National Park) – easy options


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