Day Trip: Rattlesnake Falls

Location: Husum, Washington Google map: don’t bother. From the Hood River Bridge, head west for 1.5 miles then make a right on SR 141. After 6 miles, just past Wet Planet, turn right onto Oak Ridge Rd. for 0.8-mile. Turn Right on Rattlesnake Rd and set your odometer. At the nine mile mark (most of […]

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Dalles Mountain Ranch

Level: Easy (Beginner level: challenging) Length: ~5.5 miles Elevation: >1,000 ft. gain Type: loop Open: all year, peak wildflower time is mid-April to mid-May Permit: Discover Pass or $5 Drive time from Portland: 1h30m Google map: “crawford oaks trailhead” Features: Eastern Gorge, spring wildflowers, waterfall Every day that has passed in the week-and-a-half since I did […]

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Latourell Falls

Level: easy (Beginner level: challenging) Length: 2.3 miles Elevation: 600 ft. gain Type: loop Open: all year Permit: n/a Drive time from Portland: 35m Google map: “latourell falls” Features: Columbia River Gorge, waterfalls, views The only good thing about my stupid meniscus tear is getting reacquainted with the shorter, less difficult trails I haven’t done […]

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Angels Rest

Level: Moderate Length: 4.6 miles Elevation: 1,500 ft. gain Type: Out and back Open: all year Permit: n/a Drive time from Portland: 30m Google map: “angels rest” Features: Columbia River Gorge, Coopey Falls, views out the yingyang Angels Rest, you are the McDonalds Value Menu of trails and I’m lovin’ it. So much bang for […]

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Silver Falls State Park

Level: Moderate Length: 7.5 miles (shorter loop options listed below) Elevation: 600* ft. gain Type: out and back Open: all year Permit: $5 parking pass at kiosk Dogs not allowed Drive time from Portland: 1h15m Google map: “Silver Falls State Park”

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