Eagle Rock

Location: Warner Springs, California Level: moderate Round trip/Gain: 6.6 miles/900ish ft. Type: out-and-back Permit: n/a There are so many things I loved about this trail. 1) It feels good hiking in/around San Diego. It’s adding so much dimension to the place I grew up in. Being a tourist in your hometown can be a good […]

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Day Two: Williams and Wolf Creek

We wake up in the surprise king-size bed. It’s already 9am. Definitely, not farm life time. Erin has probably been up for more than three hours. I’m well-rested, my back only hurts a little from the unfamiliar bed, but I would’ve been far less comfortable had I been sleeping on my sleeping pad in my […]

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Dry Creek Falls

Option 1 Level: Easy to Dry Creek Falls (Beginner Level: Challenging) Length: 4.8 miles Elevation: 740+ ft. gain Type: out and back Open: all year Option 2 Level: Difficult Length: 11.2 miles Elevation: 1,600+ ft. gain Type: out and back Open: all year Further Details Permit: Northwest Forest Pass or, $5-$10 (I keep forgetting to […]

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