The Journey is Good, Too.

A few days ago, I returned to one of my first and favorite hikes, the Mirror Lake trail to Tom Dick & Harry Mountain on Mt. Hood. I’ve done so many incredible trails and have the longest list of ones I have yet to do, but some call me back over and over. This is […]

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Trekking Poles

Gear posts are often horribly condescending (Hiking in hiking boots? You’re doing it WRONG!) Or, just plain financially inaccessible to most of us. However, I have something to say: TREKKING POLES!!!! Oh shit, am I really doing a gear post?

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Gear + How to

The outdoors is for everyone! True, we generally don’t see a lot of diversity in outdoorsy ads and when we don’t see ourselves represented, sometimes, consciously or subconsciously, we decide something isn’t for us. If you were waiting for an invitation, consider this it! When I started hiking, I was so intimidated by the “how-to’s” […]

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Growing Pains

Growing pains are real. Doing this blog has led me to answering some very big questions about myself and my life, which is exactly what I was asking for when I started it, but of course things can’t conveniently stop there.  I’ve always been a creative person. A writer, specifically, though I’ve given many creative […]

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