Ape Canyon (+ writing)

(Trail specs at the end) My body’s been a mess and my head even worse, but when my alarm goes off I’m up. The only thing that can get me out of bed after working late and only getting five-and-a-half hours of sleep is an all day hiking adventure. I wake up feeling different. Not […]

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Day Trip: Panther Creek Falls

Location: Carson, Washington Google map: Don’t even try it, see directions below. Drive time from Portland: 1h25m +/- Permit: n/a Intensity: To viewpoint – Easy (Beginner Level: Doable). A few well-graded, switchbacks to overlook platform. To foot of falls – Challenging. About 200 feet of steep, sketchy scrambling. Open: April – November Pair with: Falls […]

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Mt. Adams Wilderness

Level: Difficult Length: 12.4 miles (with waterfall side trip) Elevation: 1,500+ ft. gain Type: out and back Open: mid-July to mid-October Permit: Northwest Forest Pass Drive time from Portland: 2.5 hours Google map: “South Climb Trail” (screenshot directions, you will lose reception.) Features: South Climb Trailhead, Aiken Lava Bed, Bird Creek Meadows, Round the Mountain […]

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Siouxon Creek

Option 1 Level: Easy to Siouxon Falls (Beginner Level: Challenging) Length: 3.8 miles Elevation: not exactly sure, but less than 700 ft. gain Type: out and back Option 2: Level: Moderate to Chinook Creek Falls Length: 7.8 miles Elevation: 700 ft. gain Type: out and back Further Details: Open: all year Permit: Northwest Forest Pass […]

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