About Jenny Bruso




I’m a white, queer, fat, femme, writer, hiker, group hike leader and founder of Unlikely Hikers. I have CPTSD and it affects every part of my life. A late bloomer to the outdoors, it wasn’t until 2012 that I went on the hike that would change the course of my life from career waitress to outdoor leader and advocate for underrepresented outdoorspeople.

Outside, I discovered a connection with nature, joyful movement and a sense of place in a world I struggle to fit into. I also found outdoor culture to be often hostile to those who don’t fit the white, straight-size, cishet-normative, able-bodied mold. This led to the creation of Unlikely Hikers. The outdoors should be for EVERYBODY and EVERY BODY.

I live and adventure in Portland, Oregon, but you can find me all over the country leading hikes with Unlikely Hikers.

See writing and media for more about me and Unlikely Hikers xo

–Jenny Bruso, she/her/hers | me@jennybruso.com