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As we face this unprecedented time for most of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, connection, community, truth and storytelling feel more important than ever. I’ve always wanted to start an Unlikely Hikers podcast and I’ve suddenly found myself with more time than is good for me. I have no experience, so why not just throw myself into this and do it live? It’s raw and imperfect and beautifully human. Scroll down for the episodes!

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The live show airs every Tuesday through May 2020 at 5pm pst

Next live episodes:
May 26 – #RecreateResponsibly during COVID-19 w/Taldi Harrison
June 2 – Storytelling w/Pattie Gonia, Ambreen Tariq of Brown People Camping and Megan Banker

CHANGES: After our June 2nd episode, we will be taking a 2-week break and switching to every other Wednesday. Next episodes will be June 17, July 1, July 15, etc. dates will vary further when it’s safe to begin traveling again.

Our May 26th show will discuss how to #recreateresponsibly during COVID-19!

Simplified Graphic of Recreate Responsibly GuidelinesOn the next episode of the Unlikely Hikers Podcast, supported by REI, we will be talking about outdoor recreation during COVID-19 with Taldi Harrison of the Recreate Responsibly Coalition, and Chip Jenkins, superintendent of Mount Rainier National Park.

What does responsible re-entry look like for you as parks begin re-opening? If they never closed where you are, what precautions have you been taking to #recreateresponsibly?

Or, for those of us who live in population-dense areas where outdoor recreation and hiking are popular, maybe you’re like me and sort of frozen with fear over where we can actually go to avoid overcrowded trails.

Bring all of your questions and hacks and join the conversation! Or, if you can’t make it, send your questions now to: me@jennybruso.com

Join the episode! First come, first serve. No need to RSVP.
  1. You will need the Zoom app, but you do not need an account
  2. At 5pm pst, click this link:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88269633693
  3. Show starts at 5:05pm sharp!
  4. Keep your cameras off

See you Tuesday, May 26th @ 5pm pst!

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