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The Unlikely Hikers Podcast features diverse, anti-racist, body-liberating stories from people underrepresented in outdoor media and culture. As we face this unprecedented time for most of us during the COVID-19 pandemic, connection, community, truth and storytelling feel more important than ever. This is the Unlikely Hikers feed come to life. Host and founder of UH, Jenny Bruso (she/her), is a white, queer, fat, writer, hiker and group hike leader based in Portland, Oregon.

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NEW – Episode 13 : Where is the Plus-Size Gear? – August 27, 2020


Episode 13: Where is the Plus-Size Gear?

Plus-size outdoorspeople are climbing mountains, long-distance hiking, whitewater rafting and rock climbing, but plus-size specific technical gear and clothing are still rare to non-existent. Many studies have shown the average American woman wears a size 16/18, so where is the gear at? In this episode of the Unlikely Hikers Podcast, I talk with plus-size outdoor leaders Diandra Oliver, Tasheon Chillous and Sam Ortiz, about the hits and misses of the outdoor industry when it comes to the needs of the plus-size adventurer.

This episode was sponsored by, Eddie Bauer, a brand I am really proud to work with as a leader with their One Outside Program.


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