Pitch Your Feature!

We all have a story!

Unlikely Hikers is telling a different outdoors story than what we generally see portrayed by brands and outdoor culture. We elevate those who are new to the outdoors, those who don’t fit the “type,” and/or those largely left out of the “outdoors” narrative.

There are some folks I especially want to encourage to submit: plus size people of color, trans folks of all genders, Indigenous people, Little People, people with disabilities, people dealing with mental health struggles and chronic illness, older people, folks whose cultures have always been in relationship with the land/outdoors, folks from the midwest and the south and ANYONE with a unique story!


E-mail one photo w/face or profile visible, alone unless feature includes other person, engaged in outdoor activity (doesn’t have to be hiking.) Include location of photo: thejennybruso@gmail.com. Do not DM on Instagram.


1. By submitting, you are consenting to your entry being lightly edited, mostly for length. I will do everything I can to not lose your tone!

2. Depending on volume of submissions, I may not be able to respond to every single submission, but I appreciate and value your labor. Thank you for wanting to participate!