Win Superfit Hero Leggings!

This is an Instagram contest exclusively! I posted about it two days ago and it’s been crickets which is crazy because these are literally the best thing I’ve ever worn. Enter and WIN! Contest ends Tuesday, August 29th! Here are the details: Hey Unlikely Hikers, remember when I said @SuperfitHero leggings were the nicest thing […]

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Popaganda Podcast | Bitch Media

I recently had the honor of guesting on Bitch Media’s podcast, Popaganda. Download on iTunes or listen on Soundcloud. Have you ever felt cool? This makes me feel really cool! And I know I’m not supposed to say that because it makes me totally uncool, but like, you know how I do. I’ve had few […]

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I was on TV, lolz

I was on local TV this morning! Now someone teach me how to be a good politician so that even when I’m not specifically asked about the work I do, I can still find a way to squeeze it in. It was so fun! I was honestly shocked when it was over, like, wait—I have […]

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Hike Trails, Get Money

I sort of hinted at this a couple of months ago, but it is finally official: REI got wind of me and I’ve been contracted to essentially keep doing what I do. They aren’t asking me to sell a product or be anything other than what I am, an unlikely outdoorsperson. For the next six […]

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Donate & Sponsor(new)

Hi, I have dreams. I am making them come true, but I need help. I am taking a leap of faith and asking YOU, dear reader, for help. I am currently doing this blog, planning group hikes and related events, participating in events I’ve been invited to because of my blog and Unlikely Hikers, working […]

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Fat Woman Falling

The pouring rain hadn’t let up for even a moment from the time we all woke up, to meeting up at Travis’s, to pulling up to the Kurt’s Connection trailhead on Mt. Hood. We were doing this despite the rain’s protests. There was only the faintest vibe of, hey, maybe we should try this again […]

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Femmes to the Front!

A few things: #1 and foremost, I’m on a RAD podcast and I couldn’t be happier about it. Lacy Davis, of Super Strength Health and Liberation Barbell, has a new podcast called, Femmes to the Front. I loved doing this with her and I lovelovelove the end result. I do not love the clicking sound […]

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