Unlikely Outdoors Issue 02

A monthly digest of news, resources, things I like and whatever I want usually regarding diversity, inclusion and representation in the outdoors. Yeah, this is biased AF. Compiled with love by, @JennyBruso, founder of @UnlikelyHikers. Issue no. 2 – March 1, 2018 Welcome to the second issue of Unlikely Outdoors! I was inspired to start […]

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Back Fence PDX March 3!

I’m extremely stoked to have been asked to be a part of the ten-year anniversary of Back Fence PDX. Cheryl Strayed has performed here! And it’s the day before my birthday! I guess if I suck, I have my birthday to look forward to? Tickets are only $10. Your presence would be a fabulous present […]

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Unlikely Outdoors is LIVE!

Issue 1 is LIVE! and yes, it does say “2015” ON IT AND I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THAT AND CAN’T EDIT IT NOW. If you’ve subscribed, it will likely get sent to your “promotions” tab, so be sure to drag it into your inbox or primary tab. New subscribers can subscribe at the top of […]

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Unlikely Outdoors Newsletter!

So, I’ve spent the last few days developing a newsletter for all of the incredible content I collect on the issues of diversity, inclusion and equity in the outdoors as well as other issues I care about. It will come out on the first of the month, every month starting  TOMORROW! Except—I forgot to advertise […]

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Rough Thoughts

Or, as I like to think of this, All the Things I Didn’t Say in the Recently Posted All the Things I didn’t Say in 2017. I went to a writer’s retreat this weekend on the Oregon Coast with some serious powerhouses: Carrot Quinn, Rahawa Haile, Vanessa Friedman, Lacy J. Davis, Chardonnay, Nicole Antoinette, Kelly […]

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Group Hikes!

We now have regularly scheduled group hikes! More will be posted this week including hikes across the country! I have put an obsessive amount of work into setting these up in ways that are as inclusive for as many Unlikely Hikers as possible. The three series are General (every third Saturday), Low Intensity (every other […]

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