Rough Thoughts

Or, as I like to think of this, All the Things I Didn’t Say in the Recently Posted All the Things I didn’t Say in 2017. I went to a writer’s retreat this weekend on the Oregon Coast with some serious powerhouses: Carrot Quinn, Rahawa Haile, Vanessa Friedman, Lacy J. Davis, Chardonnay, Nicole Antoinette, Kelly […]

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Group Hikes!

We now have regularly scheduled group hikes! More will be posted this week including hikes across the country! I have put an obsessive amount of work into setting these up in ways that are as inclusive for as many Unlikely Hikers as possible. The three series are General (every third Saturday), Low Intensity (every other […]

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I am extremely excited to announce that Unlikely Hikers now has a logo! Two, actually! It’s been a long time coming. Both were designed and generously donated by, Cabin Supply Co ( Kind of amazing. Why two logos? For alllll of the sweet merch that’s on its way. Also, the Unlikely Hikers page has been […]

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REI Co-Op Blog: Building Community Through Group Hiking

Every group hike is a learning experience for me, even when it goes “perfectly.” Especially because I don’t lead your average group. In 2015, I created an Instagram community called Unlikely Hikers, which features those often left out of the common outdoors narrative. This includes people of color, people of size, queer, trans and gender nonbinary folks, those with differing physical abilities and people living with mental health issues. Almost immediately after its creation, people started asking how they could participate in group hikes with the Unlikely Hikers community. The thing was, I’d never actually been on one.

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Three Things

Three very cool things I’m happy to announce: 1. I was on a podcast that I love and I feel amazing about being asked to guest! I kind of hate hearing myself talk, especially when I’m less than eloquent, but isn’t that just such a cliche thing to get hung up on? I really enjoyed […]

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