Putting my own airbag on first.

When I can’t hike…

When I can’t write…

When I can’t sleep a full eight…

When I can’t eat food I’ve cooked for myself…

When I can’t camp or spend a day at a river…

I suffer. I’m suffering for mostly the best reasons. I’m basically working two full time jobs with the pay of one and while doing the work of Unlikely Hikers and all that’s coming with it is the best work I’ve ever done (so many good things coming, y’all!), I need HELP.

If you are in invested the work I’m doing, or just care about it, and are in a place to donate to my Patreon or Paypal, please consider doing so! My goal right now is to just be able work one day less a week to take care of myself.

You can read more about my financial background and goals, here.

5% goes to Trans Assistance Project (TAP).


Win Superfit Hero Leggings!

This is an Instagram contest exclusively! I posted about it two days ago and it’s been crickets which is crazy because these are literally the best thing I’ve ever worn. Enter and WIN! Contest ends Tuesday, August 29th! Here are the details:

Hey Unlikely Hikers, remember when I said @SuperfitHero leggings were the nicest thing I’ve ever worn? Well, @UnlikelyHikers and @SuperfitHero are teaming up for an exciting contest and THREE winners will receive a pair of Superfit Hero leggings! We just need a video by you, 30 seconds or less, about what makes you an Unlikely Hiker. Interested? Here’s how to enter:
-Record video, 30 seconds or less, directly by phone in portrait mode (phone vertical, not horizontal).
-Bright lighting is essential. Film outside or in bright light.
-Record in a quiet place.
-Post video on *your* Instagram account and tag #UnlikelyHikers AND #SuperfitHero
-FOLLOW @Unlikelyhikers and @Superfithero on IG
-SAVE video, we will be asking the winners for the original copy.
Contest ends Tuesday, August 29th! I will notify the three winners and Micki of @SuperfitHero will be in touch about getting you your prize! Superfit Hero makes clothing in sizes xs-4x (0-30!)
Good luck! We can’t wait to see what you guys do!
Please note: the winners videos will be edited and compiled into one short video to be used promotionally by both Unlikely Hikers and Superfit Hero. If you are entering the contest, you are consenting to this.

Finding Time

The way we live these days is so fast-paced, sometimes it feels like a factory line: do more, do better, productivity always. We’re also constantly bombarded by information due to our beloved smartphones. It’s sensory overload! Being able to turn to hiking to disconnect from the busyness of life is vital to my self-care. The rhythm of movement and fresh air is so meditative and grounding. It keeps me in touch with my basic needs. I am more than my output.

The only “bad” thing I have to say about hiking is it’s a huge time commitment and sometimes, I just don’t have time. I’ve been so busy in the best ways due to all of this media attention and also working my full-time job. I’m exhausted! Happy, grateful, stoked, but exhausted. I’ve been so tense, pent up and overly plugged in!

It was my partner’s birthday the other day and all we wanted to do was be in nature and relax. We hung up a hammock in the woods near the Oregon Coast and I could actually feel the stress evaporate into the salty, ocean air. I breathed deeply. I felt my shoulders loosen. I wasn’t there long, but it was just the reminder I needed: I might not have hours to commit to hiking, but getting out into nature doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Sometimes, it is just being still in a beautiful place and taking in the view.

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More cool shit. Are you sick of me yet?

More amazing articles up about the work I’m doing. I can hardly keep up! I am humbled beyond belief as I navigate how to best serve my communities. Thank you for your continued, overwhelming support.

The self-identified fat, queer hiker challenging what it means to be an outdoor person.

Wylder – Jenny Bruso
Jenny Bruso is just plain rad. She’s a bit of a rennaissance woman: DJ, activist, writer, and the founder of Unlikely Hikers. She hopes to bust up tired ideas of what an outdoorsperson looks like by putting a spotlight on diversity, inclusion, and visibility to show anyone how to heal their lives mentally, spiritually and physically with nature.

SELF Magazine

‘Unlikely Hikers’ Shut Down Stereotypes of What Fitness Looks Like

Popaganda Podcast | Bitch Media

PopagandaBitchMagazineBeachBodiesI recently had the honor of guesting on Bitch Media’s podcast, Popaganda. Download on iTunes or listen on Soundcloud.

Have you ever felt cool? This makes me feel really cool! And I know I’m not supposed to say that because it makes me totally uncool, but like, you know how I do. I’ve had few magazine subscriptions in my life and Bitch Magazine is one of them. I wish I could tell Baby Adult Jenny that one day she’d get to do this really cool thing and she’d probably say, “what the fuck is a podcast?” It’s gonna be alright, Baby Adult Jenny. It’s gonna be alright.

I am so grateful for these amazing opportunities coming my way. Thanks for listening, babes! Thanks for being a part of the damn thang ❤

I was on TV, lolz

I was on local TV this morning! Now someone teach me how to be a good politician so that even when I’m not specifically asked about the work I do, I can still find a way to squeeze it in. It was so fun! I was honestly shocked when it was over, like, wait—I have so much more to say!

Here’s the segment. I couldn’t even figure out how to embed it. Anyone can be a blogger, y’all!



And some photos: