Sometimes, I do things that aren’t this blog. Here’s where you can find them:


img_3364Femmes to the Front Ep. 03
Lacy Davis, of Super Strength Health and Liberation Barbell, has a new podcast! I loved doing this with her and I lovelovelove the end result. I do not love the clicking sound of my headphones cord knocking against my earrings making a sound not unlike those awful dry mouth clicks on NPR, but what can I do except make unattractive, self-conscious comments about it? Please download and leave Lacy an iTunes review because that’s how those of us doing this online thing succeed โค


jennybrusofabuplusFabUplus Magazine Spring 2017
Actual published writing! In a magazine! I wrote a sweet lil beginner hiking 101. FabUplus is available at Barnes & Noble!



img_3351Ep. 08 of the Women in the Woods Podcast
My first podcast!


Shout outs:

Camp Culture, ltd.
Profile on me and Unlikely Hikers for their Weekend Warrior Series.

Issue #6 โ€“ Always Never Yesterday
Just a sweet lil write-up about my blog and Unlikely Hikers

Why America Hates Fat Women, the Feminist Take
Article by, Vanessa Friedman for Shape Magazine. I basically just have a few quotes in it ๐Ÿ˜‰