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Condé Nast Traveler: Meet the Women Making the Outdoors More Accessible to All – I was profiled along with some of The Greats in this article. I’m grateful for this affirmation of my work with Unlikely Hikers and my advocacy for body liberation in the outdoor industry and outdoor culture.

Redefining Health & Wellness Podcast: Discovering Body Liberation in the Great Outdoors with Jenny Bruso – Talking to Shohreh Davoodi was a pleasure and it comes through on this episode of her podcast. We talk about how nature can reinforce our place in the universe, my experiences on the trail of people assuming I don’t know what I’m doing, the need for more accessible trails, how important it is to acknowledge the land we recreate on and more!

She Explores Episode 133: All this Possibility – Being a guest on She Explores for a second time feels like a big deal and I’m so honored. I love this podcast! This particular episode is about my 5-day trek on the Salkantay last summer. It’s something I’ve been really struggling with writing about, but this episode bridges some of those struggles.

The New York Times: ‘Unlikely” Hikers Hit the Trail – EEEEEEK! “Ms. Bruso is one of many hikers turning to social media to try to make the outdoors more welcoming and diverse. While Ms. Bruso targets all minorities, other hikers and outdoors groups try to inspire people from specific nationalities, identities or with physical challenges. Many organize real-life events to push their members outside. Outdoor-equipment companies including REI and Merrell are helping to fund or promote these new groups and leaders.”

Unlikely Hikers: Creating Space For Everyone On The Trail, One Group Hike At A Time – By, Mary Ann Thomas – “These things — setting guidelines for the kinds of conversations we’d be having, acknowledging gender diversity within the group, and honoring the indigenous people on whose land we walked — helped address so many of the concerns that I, as a queer brown femme, have about engaging with outdoors culture. I can’t explain how unreal it felt to be able to let my guard down with a big group of strangers on a hike. By raising these things upfront, Jenny allowed me to be fully present, to relax a little, and to have joyful conversations with new friends.”

Merrell: Quiet Riot – This beautiful video is absolutely a career highlight. Working with Merrell has been such a dream. They’ve supported me in big ways. Much love to Supply + Demand for this beautiful production.


She Explores ep. 67 – Fat and Outdoorsy: Jenny Bruso – She Explores is top tier one of my favorite podcasts and I’m on it. wtf?!

Creative Conversations: Jenny Bruso of Unlikely Hikers – RANGE Magazine. Interview by, Lisa Daugherty. Photos by, Chelsea Parrett. I loved this experience and there was a photoshoot! The photos are AMAZING.

‘Unlikely Hikers” Gain Traction – Interview by, Jane C. Hu for High Country News

An Unlikely Story – Interview by, Jay Kosa for Columbia Land Trust

A Party Girl’s Fresh Start – I was filmed by the Mic Network in partnership with REI for their Human/Nature series, which “captures the small changes that real people can make toward a life well lived, a life outdoors.” It was such a great experience! Interviewers are always very interested in the idea of Party Girl Turned Hiker, and I mean, of course! Why not? BUT I want to be very clear that I do not disparage my party days, I revere them. That wasn’t the “old me” and I’m not now the “new me.”

Portland Mercury! and it was the cover! Emilly Prado interviewed me and wrote a beautiful article that captures what I’m doing so well. Excellent accompanying art, too.

Live Wire Radio – No big deal, I was just a guest alongside GEORGE SAUNDERS. NPR, SAY WHAT?! I’m at about 43 minutes in.

Oregon Field Guide – BIG LIFE MOMENT! This is one of my favorite shows. It’s something I regularly soothe myself with and I had the incredible opportunity to be on it. OFG filmed me hiking, working on Unlikely Hikers at home and on a group hike. I will never forget this!

Think Out Loud – I was on this excellent local radio show on Oregon Public Radio with my dear friend Travis Clough, the operations director for The Venture Out Project.

Interview by KPTV12, local news

Sierra Club: One Instagrammer’s Quest for a More Inclusive Outdoor Community“In a lot of outdoor gatherings, I’m the only gay person, and also the only fat person,” Bruso says. “The outdoors has so much to teach all of us. We don’t know how we’ll benefit until we get out there. But, maybe the more people share about their experiences, the more others will be able to see what can lie out there for them, too.”

North Gate Radio – In early December, Unlikely Hikers led a group hike in Oakland and a radio journalist came along and made a short story about it. (Note: I would never use the words “preferred pronouns” as gender is not a preference.)

Real Talk Radio – Episode 102 – I love this podcast and I feel amazing about being asked to guest! I kind of hate hearing myself talk, especially when I’m less than eloquent, but isn’t that just such a cliche thing to get hung up on? I really enjoyed doing this and Nicole Antoinette RULES.

Portland Parks foundation is crowdfunding for a footbridge over West Burnside and asked me to be a part of the campaign. All of you who’ve hiked on the Wildwood by Pittock Mansion know about that horrible crossing is. This will be great! Get involved!

Reclaiming You – Podcast. You can listen to it on iTunes, Youtube and Soundcloud. Sarah Vance is an awesomely intersectional Body Image Coach. It was really great talking to her! She asked The Good questions and made me feel super comfortable—too comfortable, I got realllly tangential, but I loved it. – Why This ‘Fat, Femme, Former Indoor Kid’ Wants You to Go on a Hike – It is really weird being interviewed. I didn’t actually write this, it just sounds like it.

REI Co-op Journal, I was interviewed by Matt Wastradowski.

UpworthyThe self-identified fat, queer hiker challenging what it means to be an outdoor person.

Wylder – Jenny Bruso – “Jenny Bruso is just plain rad. She’s a bit of a rennaissance woman: DJ, activist, writer, and the founder of Unlikely Hikers. She hopes to bust up tired ideas of what an outdoorsperson looks like by putting a spotlight on diversity, inclusion, and visibility to show anyone how to heal their lives mentally, spiritually and physically with nature.?

Popaganda Podcast – I had the honor of guesting on Bitch Media’s podcast, Popaganda. Download on iTunes or listen on Soundcloud. Have you ever felt cool? This makes me feel really cool! And I know I’m not supposed to say that because it makes me totally uncool, but like, you know how I do. I’ve had few magazine subscriptions in my life and Bitch Magazine is one of them. I wish I could tell Baby Adult Jenny that one day she’d get to do this really cool thing and she’d probably say, “what the fuck is a podcast?” It’s gonna be alright, Baby Adult Jenny. It’s gonna be alright.

Portland Today! – Local TV! Someone teach me how to be a good politician so that even when I’m not specifically asked about the work I do, I can still find a way to squeeze it in. It was so fun! I was honestly shocked when it was over, like, wait—I have so much more to say!

Huffington Post – What even is my life these days?!

Portland Monthly – August – This article started the snowball of press and I couldn’t be more grateful. This was one of the best interviews I’ve done and the physical, 2-page spread made me feel like such a badass.

Tagg Magazine is a magazine for “everything lesbian, queer and under the rainbow,” and they graciously interviewed me for a piece about @UnlikelyHikers. I was in a deep grief brain fog when they interviewed me, but they skillfully made me sound good. Thanks, Tagg Magazine!

Flex Your Heart Radio Ep. 03 – Lacy Davis, of Super Strength Health and Liberation Barbell, has a new podcast! I loved doing this with her and I lovelovelove the end result. I do not love the clicking sound of my headphones cord knocking against my earrings making a sound not unlike those awful dry mouth clicks on NPR, but what can I do except make unattractive, self-conscious comments about it? Please download and leave Lacy an iTunes review because that’s how those of us doing this online thing succeed ❤

Ep. 08 of the Women in the Woods Podcast – My first podcast!

Mentions and riffs off other articles about me and UH:

Backpacker: 15 Radical Outdoor Women Your Should Know

The Washington Nature Conservancy asked me to fill out this cute survey and I like what they did with it. You can do it, too!

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