PopagandaBitchMagazineBeachBodiesI had the honor of guesting on Bitch Media’s podcast, Popaganda. Download on iTunes or listen on Soundcloud. Have you ever felt cool? This makes me feel really cool! And I know I’m not supposed to say that because it makes me totally uncool, but like, you know how I do. I’ve had few magazine subscriptions in my life and Bitch Magazine is one of them. I wish I could tell Baby Adult Jenny that one day she’d get to do this really cool thing and she’d probably say, “what the fuck is a podcast?” It’s gonna be alright, Baby Adult Jenny. It’s gonna be alright.


img_7887Portland Today! Local TV! Someone teach me how to be a good politician so that even when I’m not specifically asked about the work I do, I can still find a way to squeeze it in. It was so fun! I was honestly shocked when it was over, like, wait—I have so much more to say!





Portland Monthly!

Yup, like the actual Huffington Post. What even is my life these days?!








img_6407-2Tagg Magazine is a magazine for “everything lesbian, queer and under the rainbow,” and they graciously interviewed me for a piece about @UnlikelyHikers. I was in a deep grief brain fog when they interviewed me, but they skillfully made me sound good. Thanks, Tagg Magazine!


170x170bb-1Flex Your Heart Radio Ep. 03
Lacy Davis, of Super Strength Health and Liberation Barbell, has a new podcast! I loved doing this with her and I lovelovelove the end result. I do not love the clicking sound of my headphones cord knocking against my earrings making a sound not unlike those awful dry mouth clicks on NPR, but what can I do except make unattractive, self-conscious comments about it? Please download and leave Lacy an iTunes review because that’s how those of us doing this online thing succeed ❤


jennybrusofabuplusFabUplus Magazine Spring 2017
Actual published writing! In a magazine! I wrote a sweet lil beginner hiking 101. FabUplus is available at Barnes & Noble!



img_3351Ep. 08 of the Women in the Woods Podcast
My first podcast!


Mentions and riffs off other articles about me and UH:

Refinery 29

Seventeen Magazine

Camp Culture, ltd.
Profile on me and Unlikely Hikers for their Weekend Warrior Series.

Issue #6 – Always Never Yesterday
Just a sweet lil write-up about my blog and Unlikely Hikers

Why America Hates Fat Women, the Feminist Take
Article by, Vanessa Friedman for Shape Magazine. I basically just have a few quotes in it 😉