Events & Group Hikes

Unlikely Hikers creates safer, supportive, intentional, body-positive outdoor community for people of all genders underrepresented in outdoors culturepeople of color, people of size, trans, queer and beyond. We hike slowly together as a group–no hiker left behind!  Before each event, we share guidelines and intentions to create the most welcoming space possible by sharing pronouns, prohibiting diet and weight loss talk and creating a network of support around what it truly means to build community outside.

All in-person events are cancelled for the time being due to the pandemic. We’ll have some great announcements on the other side of this. Until then, take care of yourselves and each other xo

Here’s where you might find us in 2020:

North Carolina – Tucson, AZ – Bay Area, CA – Atlanta, GA – New Orleans, LA – D.C. – Michigan – Las Vegas, NV – Seattle, WA – Vancouver, B.C. – Salt Lake City, UT – Philadelphia, PA – Ohio – Minneapolis, MN – Denver, CO – Vermont – New York – Austin, TX – Dallas, TX – Florida – Alaska – Chicago, IL – Oklahoma – Missoula, MT – Boston, MA – maybe an international location or two…

This will change! Some will be added, some won’t happen. Crossed out locations have already happened, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be back!

You will receive a confirmation within 1-3 days of RSVPing, in general. RSVPS close at 6pm the day prior to the hike. Locations and dates are always subject to change. If you’d like notifications of upcoming hikes, scroll to the bottom of the page to “follow” the blog and sign up for our once monthly e-mail list!

Our hikes are slower paced with elevation gains under 500 feet and less than five miles, generally. This does not mean “easy.” There will be hills, but we’ll climb them at our own pace and stay together as a group. No hiker left behind! All of our hikes are body- & fat-positive. Beginners welcome! They’re free, but donations are graciously accepted and very appreciated: Venmo – PayPal – Patreon

We offer ACCESSIBLE group hikes quarterly and hope to be able to offer them more often. What does “accessible” mean? In general, it means a lot of things! No space is 100% accessible. Our accessible hikes are specifically intended for those who have physical or health matters that may limit movement. Example: folks who use mobility devices, chronic pain cuties, fat folks, people who might be experimenting with exercise or in physical recovery and beyond! Everyone is welcome to join with consideration for our varying ability levels. Full disclosure: aside from mostly manageable chronic pain, I am an able-bodied, mid-fat person. It is important for me to create spaces that are welcoming to as many people as possible, but I have no formal disability leadership training. Ideally, one day we will have a disabled leader who can better represent these hikes. I have my Wilderness First Aid certification and eagerness and vulnerability working for me. I understand that it is my job to educate myself, but please don’t hesitate to let me know how I can do something better.

BEFORE JOINING ONE OF OUR HIKES, ask yourself, “how does my body like to hike?” No hike is one size fits all and choosing the wrong trail could potentially harm you. What is your ideal mileage? Elevation gain? If you have any questions about picking the right hike for you, shoot me an e-mail:

Here’s more information on what Unlikely Hikers is about. You can also read more about the structure of our hikes here: REI Co-Op Blog: Building Community Through Group Hiking. For more hiking 101 and gear info and nerdery: