Events & Group Hikes

Unlikely Hikers creates safer, supportive, intentional, body-positive outdoor community for people underrepresented in outdoors culture (people of color, people of size, trans, queer and beyond). We hike slowly together as a group. No hiker left behind! No fitness bros! Absolutely no diet or weight loss talk. Be mindful of gender pronouns, group dynamics, microaggressions, cultural appropriation and different physical ability levels.

October 12RICHMOND, VA – group hike – Rockwood Park
October 19VANCOUVER, WA – Quiet Riot film showing & talk @ When the Shoe Fits
October 26BOSTON, MA – group hike w/The Venture Out Project – Breakheart Ridge
November 2NEW YORK & NEW JERSEY – group hike – South Mountain Reservation
November 3PHILADELPHIA, PA – Fairmount Park
November 9 – PORTLAND, OR – group hike – Wahclella Falls
December 7 – SAN DIEGO, CA – group hike

Details for unlinked events are posted within 4-6 weeks of event date

RSVPS close at 6pm the day prior to the hike! Locations and dates are always subject to change. If you’d like notifications of upcoming hikes, sign up on the menu tool bar to “follow.”

Our hikes are slower paced with elevation gains under 500 feet and less than five miles, generally. This does not mean “easy!” There will be hills, but we’ll climb them at our own pace. All of our hikes are body- & fat-positive. Beginners welcome! They’re free, but donations are graciously accepted and very appreciated: Venmo – PayPal – Patreon

We offer ACCESSIBLE group hikes quarterly, but hope to be able to offer them more often. These hikes are mobility-device friendly and tend to be two miles or less, with little to no elevation gain. These are specifically intended for those who want to get out into nature, but have physical or health matters that may limit movement. Example: folks who use mobility devices, chronic pain cuties, fat folks, people who might be experimenting with exercise and beyond!

BEFORE JOINING ONE OF OUR HIKES, ask yourself, “how does my body like to hike?” No hike is one size fits all and choosing the wrong trail could potentially harm you. What is your ideal mileage? Elevation gain? If you have any questions about picking the right hike for you, shoot me an e-mail:

Here’s more information on what Unlikely Hikers is about. You can also read more about the structure of our hikes here: REI Co-Op Blog: Building Community Through Group Hiking. For more hiking 101 and gear info and nerdery: