Plus-Size Packs: Availability & Advocacy

Photo by, Will Saunders, courtesy of Gregory Mountain Products. Pictured: Tasheon Chillous, Rob Nathan and me.

Okay, so yesterday I posted about the First Ever Line of Plus-Size Packs from Gregory Mountain Products and the biggest question I’m getting now that they’re out is where people can find them.

I want to do my best to give you the information you need while acknowledging I don’t have all of the answers and this information will change. Where I don’t have answers, I’m asking you to advocate for yourselves with the information I’ve provided—if you feel like you can! It’s valid to feel like you can’t and it is WRONG that we have to jump through hoops to get this information and the gear we need.

U.S. residents shop now via this link and support my work on this project! #sponsored

🙃 Yes, they are selling out, but plus-size packs from Gregory are here to stay. This is not a one-off. Whatever you want will be back in stock ASAP. I know many of you are bummed, pissed and frustrated. I feel you. The demand for these is HUGE and that is now truly being seen.

🌏 Internationally: Outland USA ships to select countries, but I don’t yet see the packs on their website. Call, email, dm them on their social platforms. Moosejaw ships to select countries, unfortunately excluding Europe. I am sorry shipping and availability is garbage for y’all. I want it to be so much better. See next paragraph for ways you can advocate to get these bags.

🇨🇦 Canada: Gregory shopped the bags to many Canadian retailers and were turned down at nearly every stop. That blows. Here’s what YOU can do: call and email every retailer that should be carrying them. Flood their IG profiles. Organize with your plus-size friends to ask for—demand—these packs. Tag them in this post, share this in your own feeds with tags for these retailers. Flood their DMs on all platforms.

🇨🇦 In-person shopping: VANCOUVER – MEC should be carrying a few. EDMONTON – Campers Village should be carrying a few. OTTAWA – Bushtukah should be carrying the Nano.––I am hearing from some of you that they aren’t yet on the shop floors. Call, email, dm.

🇨🇦 Online shopping: MEC & Altitude Sports should be carrying a few. I am seeing that they haven’t put all of them up. It is possible they haven’t received all of them, but they will soon. Ask them about them. ALSO: US-based Moosejaw is carrying almost all of them(!) and ship to Canada. Outland USA are supposed to be carrying a few and they ship to Canada. Call, email, dm them.

🇺🇸 US: I’m gonna spend less time on this because we’ve got way more access even though it still sucks. Online: you can find the entire line via this link and support my work on this project! You should also be able to find select packs online via REI, Backcountry, Camp Saver, Moosejaw, Outland USA and Soko Outfitters. In person: there are many places to shop in person, but the list is long and I am wary of giving you the wrong information. 12 REIs are carrying them and dozens of other retailers across the country are as well. Call your local retailers. If they are not carrying them, follow the directions I gave above to our Canadian Unlikely Hikers. Call, email, dm, post, question, demand, etc.

❤️ I love you. I see you. Let’s keep talking shit and taking names and getting outside where we BELONG.

Please share this information with your #FatAndOutdoorsy friends and GO GET YOUR PACK! 🎒🙌🥾✨ I would love to see where it goes with you #MyBodyTookMeHere

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  1. Soooo frustrating. I’m desperate for the 30l one for my Camino…. I’ve messaged Gregory. Gregory Europe say they won’t be stocking them. Crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m still getting nowhere. The Gregory Europe people are frankly rude. They claim there’s no demand for them. What Tor. Disillusioned.


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