Universal Standard Mystery Boxes!

Who doesn’t love a little mystery?

Universal Standard has carefully curated these limited edition Mystery Boxes containing 3 pieces from their top sellers and new exclusive styles. This is a fun, low risk way to step out of your own fashion box. #sponsored

Being plus-size, I know I’ve internalized ideas about what looks good on me and what isn’t flattering even though “flattering” generally means “makes you look smaller” and we’re not subscribing to that, right? I never would’ve chosen these pants, but I love them! Actually, I loved all three pieces. Universal Standard’s fabrics and fit always make me feel so good.

And with their size range of 00-40, Universal Standard is leading the way to #FashionFreedom

Offer is good through 2/17! Use code “jennybruso10” at checkout for an additional 10% off! Shop now!


-Foundation Long Sleeve Crew Neck, size M (18-20)
-Tresa Wide Leg Tie Pants, size L (22-24)

1 Comment

  1. Okay, yes, the pants are fantastic (seriously never considered trying to wear that style myself until I saw you in them), but please let’s take a moment to get properly twitterpated over your accessorization and that lipcolor! I am fully here for Jenny Bruso, Fashionplate 😍 The whole look just screams “I’m here to dismantle your boardroom *and* your patriarchy”


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