This isn’t Just a Shoe

The excitement about the MERRELL x UNLIKELY HIKERS shoe collaboration is giving me a kick in the pants to really own this. I haven’t said enough about how important and intentional the sizing of this shoe is.

This isn’t just a shoe.

It’s MAJOR. We are literally changing the footwear game AND it’s the number 2 seller for Merrell right now!

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When we got to work on this, I was insistent on bigger sizing. No bigger sizes or wides, no shoe. Merrell enthusiastically accepted this challenge. I won’t bore you with the details, but it takes A LOT to update and increase sizing on a shoe. From start to finish, it took over 2 years.

I insisted on COLOR and STYLE. We aren’t trying to fade into the background or fit in. Shoes in extended sizes are often overly basic without all of the fun color and style options generally available. 

I also insisted that the style be the same for ALL without the unnecessary gender markers none of us, regardless of gender, actually want. Yes, you’ll still find it categorized as “women’s” and “men’s,” but you can pick the fit that works best for your unique foot.

You deserve a shoe that fits and looks cool. This shouldn’t have to be a compromise. 

UPDATE ON SIZING INFO: Your generous feedback has me reexamining some of the language we’ve used to this point and it needs updating. The footbed of this shoe is wider than a standard boot, but if you generally or occasionally wear a wide, definitely go with the wide size. Our wide is bigger than a standard wide, but not quite a double like I said previously. Fit is a unicorn. What’s perfect for one person, won’t work for another. I really hope you’ll be able to find a size that works for you 🧡

UPDATE ON AVAILABILITY: Canada—it’s coming out the first week of February! It’s out in many countries already, but if you have any questions, contact customer service through Merrell.


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  1. Question I wear a size in shoes do I need to size up to a size 7inhalf
    Normally for tennis shoes and boots I size up
    Please inform me
    Thank you


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