I designed a shoe… sneak preview!


Full page ad in the summer issue of The Voice by, SNEWS

I designed this shoe with the amazing team at Merrell and I’m super proud of it. There will be inclusive sizing options and the style is the same regardless of what fit your feet love most (read: “mens” “womens”). NO weird reinforcement of arbitrary binary gender ideas!

Designed to be great in the city or on the trail because we should be able to express ourselves through style, right? Outdoor gear and clothing misses that mark so often with its muted palettes. And THE FIT! It feels so dang good.

This bad ass, cute ass crew: @chilltash @breezy__does__it @erinsends7 @theblackalachian

It’s still a while out–early 2021, we hope! Get pumped! And wear your freaking masks so the release isn’t pushed back further and also because it matters.



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