Unlikely Hikers Podcast 12: Disabled Hikers

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Episode 12 : Disabled Hikers with Syren Nagakyrie

Syren Nagakyrie (they/them/theirs) is a long-time disabled activist and community builder who is passionate about liberation through connection. They grew up with multiple invisible disabilities and find connection with nature to be a source of comfort in times of social isolation. Syren is the founder of Disabled Hikers, an organization building disability community and justice in the outdoors.  They are a freelance writer, consultant, and presenter. They are the author of The Disabled Hiker’s Guide to Western Washington and Oregon: outdoor adventures accessible by car, wheelchair, and foot, to be published by, FalconGuides. Syren currently resides on traditional lands of the Quileute, in Forks, Washington. They identify as a white, queer, and poor person from a disabled and working-class background. Disabled Hikers | ig: @disabledhikers

Weaving throughout the interview are other voices from the Unlikely Hikers community, Evita Rush (she/her), Vasu Sojitra (he/him), Matthew Tilford (he/him), Alyssa (she/they), Eugene Brukhman (he/him), Olivia Bernard (she/her), Kali Welch (she/her) and Regina.

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Show notes

Support Disabled Hikers on Patreon
Feds in Portland
Wall of Moms mess
Spoon Theory
Inspiration Porn

More on Syren & Disabled Hikers

Hello Ranger Community
Washington Trails Association
Washington’s National Park Fund
Outside Online

Disability justice resources

Disability Visibility Project – this website is amazing and so comprehensive. It’s also a podcast. Get in this!
Sins Invalid
Disability Justice
Diversability Disability Pride (IG)
Mia Mingus (IG)

How to show up every day for racial injustice

National Resources List – Legal help, mutual aid funds, places to donate, trans resources, etc.
Anti-Racism Resources – Hundreds of resources from movies, podcasts, articles, books, social media, etc.
#BlackTransLivesMatter – People to follow on social media, articles and books to read, movies to watch, tons of places to donate.
Stand with Breonna Taylor
Justice for Breonna Taylor
Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
Harpers Bazaar: How to Maintain Momentum

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Podcast drawing by, Olivia Winokur

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