Unlikely Hikers Podcast 08: Ash Manning

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Episode 08 with Ash Manning!

Ash Manning (she/her) is a self-proclaimed plus-size outdoorswoman working on breaking stereotypes put on bodies of all shapes and sizes. She pushes back on the narrow view of what hikers, boaters, or outdoorsy people should look like perpetuated by the outdoor industry. Ash also acknowledges there is more than just size to take into account when expanding space in nature for everyone. She seeks to aid in creating space for everyone underrepresented in the outdoor world. ig: @ashleysadventure 

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Show notes

Surveys about weight gain = I LIED! Ok, I didn’t, but I can’t find the article I read which makes me think it was possibly bunk. Regardless, the amount of jokes and memes we’ve seen speak for themselves. Our obsession with quarantine weight gain is harmful to ourselves and the fat people in our lives.

Ash’s Blog for The Trek

Appalachian Trail

Instagram post we mentioned with Serene / @fattyonthefly

Nüümü Poyo –– and why we aren’t calling it the “John Muir Trail”

Ashley’s employer, Adrift Dinosaur

Latria Graham from episode 04!

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Podcast drawing by, Olivia Winokur

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