Sisu Magazine: Ask Jenny Bruso #2

Ask Jenny Bruso is a column for the quarterly magazine, Sisu, focused on grit, guts and what defines our experiences in the outdoors. Having work in actual print is the COOLEST and this magazine is gorgeously curated and smart. Buy it! I won’t be posting the newest columns as they come out as to not spoil them, but I’ll be posting past ones and some outtakes. See writing for the rest!

Submit your questions! Scroll all the way down to ask me your burning questions.

Issue #2 | Spring 2019

Dear Jenny Bruso,
How can cis white dudes help make trails and the outdoors more inviting and open for women, POC (people of color), trans and queer hikers?
-Trying Not to Suck

This column was posted on the Sisu website! Click to see my response xo

Ask me a question! I’ve lived many lives in my thirty-seven years on this planet and I’d love to help you avoid making stupid mistakes I’ve made and learn how to let go of the impossible standards we’re supposed to live and die by. Questions from fat, queer, trans folks, people of color and @UnlikelyHikers encouraged to submit!

All questions will remain anonymous. I won’t be able to respond to everyone who submits. By hitting “submit” you are consenting to your question being lightly edited and printed.


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