How Might Your Life Be Different if Your Body Didn’t Determine Worth?

As we enter 2019, I can’t help but wonder…

What might you get done if you could repurpose the energy you expend on criticising your body (or anything about yourself)?

How would your relationship with movement change if exercise wasn’t appropriated by weight-loss and fitness culture? What does moving your body in joyous ways look like?

What would life be like if gaining a little weight (or a lot!) wasn’t viewed as “failure?”

What would your overall health be like if doctors didn’t write you off due to size?

What would you eat if you allowed yourself to eat what you wanted without punishment?

What would beauty standards and weightloss and/or fitness culture look like if we didn’t center whiteness and cisheteropatriarchy? (GULP –– I’ll go into this in a later post.)

What photos would you have posted on social media if rolls, chins, cellulite, etc. weren’t deemed unattractive?

What might dating be like if your body size didn’t matter (even if only to you)?

What would our relationships with our families be like without body-shaming?

For women, femmes and non-binary folks, what would our friendships be like if we weren’t encouraged to engage in negative self-talk with each other?

For people of all genders, what would our friendships be like if we weren’t encouraged to be in competition with each other?

I would love to know ANYTHING you want to share about this. I have a lot of possible answers, but I don’t want my own thoughts to influence yours. I’ll share mine in a later post.

(P.S. I fully acknowledge ppl have plenty of valid reasons for wanting to change their bodies, even through weight loss! You do not have to defend or explain anything to me, even weight loss for the sake of it! This goes doubly for people of color and/or trans folks!)

[Location: Ongtupqa, Wi:kaʼi:la, Tsékooh Hatsoh, (in the Hopi, Yavapai & Diné languages) aka Grand Canyon. This is Hopi, Yavapai, Havasupai, Hualapai, Uté, Diné, Zuni, Paiute+ land.]

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