ASK JENNY: a potentially disastrous advice column

ASK JENNY: This messy bitch is writing an advice column for A MAGAZINE (wow, their mistake, amiright?) and I can’t do that without QUESTIONS. I don’t have the audacity to tell anyone how to live, but I’ve lived many lives in my 36 years on this planet and I’d love to help you avoid making mistakes I’ve made and learn how to let go of the impossible standards we’re supposed to live and die by. Questions from fat, queer, trans folks, people of color and @UnlikelyHikers of all varieties highly encouraged to submit! For topics outside of my lane, I will seek outside help when necessary.
NOTE: All questions will remain anonymous! I won’t be able to respond to everyone who submits, but I intend to respond to as many as possible, even though only 1-3 questions will actually be printed. I’m thinking about how I can do something creative online with the rest of the questions I receive. Questions and anonymous names will likely be edited.
TITLE IDEAS? I want something snappy and cute and maybe a little self-deprecating, but like not too Quirky White Girl *makes Chloe Deschanel face*


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