Group Hike – Low Intensity – Beacon Rock – October 6th!

PLEASE RSVP on form below for full info on hike (terrain details, carpooling, meet-up spots and time). Expect response e-mail within a few days.

Unlikely Hikers creates safer, supportive, intentional, body-positive outdoor community for people underrepresented in outdoors culture (people of color, people of size, trans, queer and beyond) We hike at a slower pace, together as a group. No hiker left behind! No bros! Absolutely no diet or weight loss talk. Be mindful of gender pronouns, group dynamics, microaggressions, cultural appropriation and different physical ability levels. People of all genders welcome!

This FREE* hike is supported by, Merrell! Look forward to a shoe demo, try out some Merrell’s while on the trail and get free stuff! Maybe even win a new pair of shoes.

Series: LOW INTENSITY – under 5 miles, under 500 feet elevation gain. Does not mean “easy!” See event page for more info about our different series to pick the best group for your needs.

Alright, y’all, we’re climbing a big old rock! But not rock climbing. It’s all trails, paths and stairs up this marvel in the Columbia River Gorge. This trail will be a new experience for our Low Intensity group. It’s more elevation gain than we generally do, but I wouldn’t pick it if I didn’t think this group could do it. Note the 1.8mile-length, no matter how hard it may feel at times, it will be over soon. Come for the challenge and teamwork, stay for the sense of accomplishment and views (lolz). See photos below for examples!

Date: Saturday, October 6th

Location: Beacon Rock

Time: 8:30am for carpooling (RSVP for more info)

Trail stats: 1.8 miles, 680 feet of elevation gain

Dogs & kids are welcome, but I can’t promise kid-appropriate conversations within a group of adults. Please care for your dogs properly and disclose any special info about them so we can all respect boundaries.

*Parking fee: while I’m not asking for donations for this event, there is a parking fee of $10, per car, for a one-day Discovery Pass. Please bring a few dollars to cover parking fee and gas for carpool driver.