Outdoor Project: Women in the Wild

I feel really good about this interview with the Outdoor Project and I’m grateful to be included with the second Women in the Wild project.


“If I dig deep, I’m sure [being a woman in the outdoor industry] means a lot of things, but “woman” sort of sits third place to my identities as a fat and queer person. I find this representation almost non-existent in outdoors culture, and while the support I’ve received tells me the time has come for a presence like mine, I am still dodging so much hateful crap online, I frequently have to ask myself why I keep putting myself out there like feed for wolves. Why do I keep putting myself in spaces where voices like mine aren’t taken seriously? The answers lie in the questions. It’s time for new outdoor stories.”


  1. It’s so awesome you’ve built this community in such a short period of time by doing something you’re passionate about and by speaking your truth. You are an inspiration!


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