Alright! I finally made a shopping cart system, which will make everything easier for all of us. I’m so excited to announce the new shop!

SHOP NOW on Big Cartel!

Accepting credit cards and paypal!

ALL merch was created and designed by queer artists! T-shirts are screen-printed by hand by, Queer Kuntry. Logo designs are by, The Cabin Supply Co.

SHOP NOW on Big Cartel!

If you have any questions about the shop or items, this may help:

-Orders will be sent within one week of ordering!

-Sold out items will be replaced within 4-6 weeks unless I am phasing them out (see item descriptions for what might not be replaced).

-Shirts are very true to size even after washing. Unfortunately, I can’t find the sizing chart for the Paragon 212 (only applies to the 6X shirts), but here are the others: Gildan 2000Tultex 202.

-I am working on having uniform colors and sizes across the board. I especially want to beef up the 6x options, which are bizarrely hard to find. Sometimes, colors I want don’t come in all of the sizes I need, but ultimately I’m going to phase out colors that don’t go past 3X. This is a new learning curve for me, thank you for your patience.

-“Fat Mountain” design is based on this piece I wrote, Does this Mountain I Just Climbed Make Me Look Fat?

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