A Party Girl’s Fresh Start

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to be filmed by the Mic Network in partnership with REI for their Human/Nature series, which “captures the small changes that real people can make toward a life well lived, a life outdoors.”

Click here to see the video!

I was chosen out of a lot of people for this opportunity and it was such a great experience. I’m beyond honored. Some of these shots twist my heart right up, like I can’t believe that’s me.

Interviewers are always very interested in the idea of Party Girl Turned Hiker, and I mean, of course! Why not? BUT I want to be very clear that I do not disparage my party days, I revere them. That wasn’t the “old me,” anymore than I am now the “new me.” I am everything I’ve ever been all of the time because I love myself too much to pretend parts of me don’t exist. I would probably still DJ if I knew how to without getting caught up in alcohol and drugs, but these damn genes won’t let me. I loved DJing and I still love night life. I can be a lot of things at once and knowing that is a kind of freedom.

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