I need help and maybe you need Unlikely Hikers?

Hey everyone, so this is hard for me, but my well-being is telling me I need to suck it up and ask for the help I need. Maybe you need Unlikely Hikers as much as I do.

Unlikely Hikers is building invaluable community, I think that’s obvious to everyone who follows. Things probably look really glamorous. I’m getting a lot of opportunities and “followers” (I still hate that we use that word!) and I’m beyond grateful! BUT the truth is community building efforts, interviews and even tv and radio airtime don’t usually pay.

I’m spending extremely long days working on this, often with no days off, for almost nothing. Obviously, this isn’t sustainable and it has begun to affect my wellness. I want to make this work financially sustainable and quit my day job, so that I don’t have to scale back, which is how things are looking right now and that feels heartbreaking. You wouldn’t believe the hours I put into planning, researching and conducting group hikes alone!

Patreon is the best way to donate and I’ve just created a really cool rewards program, including access to private resources (journal, podcast, etc. all detailed in full on my patreon!).

One-time donations via paypal or venmo (@jenny-bruso) will really help, too! If you donate $10 or more, I’ll send you a 3-pack of stickers. Just be sure to send your address with donation.

I thank you for your consideration and for your dedication to my work and Unlikely Hikers!

If you have been donating to my patreon for awhile at $5 or more, you will also gain access to these new rewards and I’m also thinking about something I can do retroactively to show my thanks. You will be contacted on Thursday or Friday of next week to get your new rewards!

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