Four things

  1.  I was on Live Wire Radio! Public Radio International, bitches! (I’m on at 42:52.) I sound bizarrely confident. I wasn’t, but maybe I’m getting better at faking it. Cute Story: as I was getting ready for this, putting on my make-up, etc., a booming voice from on high infiltrated by very being: “CHERYL STRAYED WILL BE THERE!!!” Writer George Saunders, was the “big” guest that night and he was her writing mentor. I was about three seconds away from shitting myself the entire night thinking she would be there. She wasn’t, but this happened the other day:


Which segues us nicely into 2. I’m performing at Back Fence PDX tonight. Just me, you and 500 of our closest friends. This is by far one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. Public speaking hasn’t gotten any easier for me even if I’m doing it often. Even at the last Queer Adventure Storytelling, my very own event, I was near losing it with nerves. Pray for me. I do know that I’ve done all I can to prepare, so whatever happens happens. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m skipping town, so that seems like a good plan.

3. I was chosen out of hundreds of applicants to be one of Granite Gear’s 2018 Groundskeepers! Essentially, I have committed to picking up trash on trails for 300 miles. I will definitely be writing about this a lot and also inviting people to join me. This includes some Unlikely Hikers group hikes that will center this mission. From my application: “Leave it better than before” is such a compelling act! I want to spread the message and also show how easy it is pick up errant trash. We all feel bummed seeing plastic water bottles and micro trash on our beautiful trails and sure many of us pick it up, but making it into an actual mission sounds so positive and inspirational. It will also be great for people who move at slower paces as many of my group hikes are for beginners and people who need slower, friendlier trails. I also like the idea of people learning how to train their eyes for it. It may open up a whole new world of seeing while on trail.


4. If you haven’t read and subscribed to my newsletter, Unlikely Outdoors, what is keeping you? It’s an amazing resource featuring the work of (these are all instragram handles) @theventureoutproject, @brownpeoplecamping, @indigenouswomenhike, @outthereadv, @nativesoutdoors, @akunahikes, @tyrhee.moore, @latinaswhohike, @queerouthere, @vanessatakesphotos, @mynameisbam, @thegreatoutchea, @oriartgallery, @ashleysadventure, @wilddiversity, @queernature, @melaninbasecamp and more! Hold space for my many errors, they need love, too.

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