Queer Adventure Storytelling – March 14

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Queer Adventure Storytelling happens every second Wednesday featuring stories of the outdoors, traveling and beyond by queer, trans and gender non-conforming speakers. Let’s build a NEW outdoors narrative together!

Our guests for March 14th are Miche Lozano, Jen Naughton, Kendra Wissel & Sye Laird! (bios below)

No Strings attached, co-producer Travis’s string band, will play before the event to set the vibe!

QAS is brought to you by Trevor “Homework” McKee, Mercy Sham (Wild Diversity), Travis Clough (The Venture Out Project) & Jenny Bruso (Unlikely Hikers)

At our new location, In Other Words!

Doors 6:30, Event 7pm

$3-$5 sliding scale. No one turned away. Free for people of color. No questions asked. Please consider donating for someone who can’t. Scroll down to see about our unique door policy and how funds are handled.

All ages, but no promises stories will be kid-friendly.

This month’s event with benefit Wild Diversity – wilddiversity.com – Wild Diversity is a project that elevates people of color & the queer community in the outdoors. We also offer resources to queer, minority and low income youth. We are here to provide a safe and welcoming space for our community to explore outdoor adventures in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Allies are welcome to attend. This space and the bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Are you interested in reading
or presenting at a future event?

We will need anywhere from 2-4 guests for each event, so shoot us an email with what you may have in mind and a little bit about your background as a queer adventurer. This can be defined as broadly as you like! POC, trans & fat folks to the front! QueerAdventureStorytelling@gmail.com


Presenter bios!

Miché Lozano is a gender-queer, first-generation, Mexican immigrant with over 5 years of experience working in the field of conservation biology. All the way from southern Arizona, they have been traveling and living the “#vanlife” in their super sweet converted tiny home for exactly one year this month, doing seasonal conservation work, rock climbing, and exploring all over the West. You can watch many of their expeditions on their Youtube channel !Viva La Van! or follow them on instagram @viva_la_van_

Jen Naughton is a queer, tall, tomboy who grew up on the east coast and learned to ski on the icy slopes of Vermont. She moved to the PNW just over 2 years ago and found hiking and skiing was the best medicine when her mom passed away just a few months after the move. Combining the two and summiting the magical PNW volcanoes, she feels this may have brought her closer to death than she’s ever been and saved her all at the same time.

Kendra Wissel (aka Squirrel) didn’t discover camping or hiking until age 15 when she saw mountains for the first time in Colorado and it was instant love. She has been living in Portland for 3 years and is currently attending PCC for an EMT/Paramedic program. She found her true home in Oregon and the great outdoors.

Sye Laird is a woodworker, tree pruner, farmer and forest steward living outside vernonia. Before he found country living, he escaped the city by going on long distance hikes and bike rides, starting with the PCT in 2008 when his best friend asked him to go on a hike. Sye had no idea what was coming his way but found himself addicted to long hikes.

In case you missed our news last month or want to know about our unique door policy:

Building community is a central part of this event and it is deeply important to us that all who want to come are able to. Our digs at the Lucky Lab, charming as they are, just weren’t working with our growth.

QAS is now held just a mile down the road at In Other Words, where we will have nearly twice the capacity. RAD!

This means that the event will no longer be free. Capitalism blows and everything costs money. Even free spaces cost something to someone if you think about it. The plus side about holding this at IOW is that the money will go back to our communities, which is even better than throwing a free event.

Door fee is $3-$5 sliding scale. No one turned away. Free for people of color. No questions asked.

The money is used to cover the cost of the space and remaining funds will be donated to an organization of our choice that encourages people of color and queer folks to get outdoors.

This is now a sober event and we hope to attract sober folks who skip queer events held in bars.

Making this free for people of color sounds kind of bold, but why? We want to make a statement about who we want at our events and incentivize it. We want to be clear that we aren’t assuming a white-savior trope of people of color not having money. Access is about so much more than money. It’s about information, resources (gear, community and yes, sometimes money, etc) and getting an invitation in the first place. *This* is an invitation. The outdoors, a common theme of our nights, is largely white and lacking diversity efforts which is reflected in who attends QAS. We, the hosts, are actively working on how to greater represent those left out of outdoors narratives in our personal endeavors and at this event. We acknowledge that this statement/effort is flawed. We will not ask anyone questions about their identities and we are so open to critique. If this doesn’t work, we are committed to finding a way to do it better. Thank you for working with us on this.

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