Group Hikes!

We now have regularly scheduled group hikes! More will be posted this week including hikes across the country! I have put an obsessive amount of work into setting these up in ways that are as inclusive for as many Unlikely Hikers as possible.

The three series are General (every third Saturday), Low Intensity (every other first Saturday) and Nice & Slow (every few months or when requested). For schedule and details:

I would LOVE to host all three of these series every month, but it takes so many hours of unpaid work that it just isn’t realistic, which is really sad because this feels like one of the most important parts of doing Unlikely Hikers. Please consider making a donation if you enjoy my hikes or simply want to enjoy knowing they are happening and building invaluable community.


One thought on “Group Hikes!

  1. BRAVO, Jenny!
    Please keep up your amazing, affirming, transformative work!
    We need you and your efforts – you have inspired and encouraged me to get out there. I am a 60 year old, over weight, female nurse recovering from several surgeries who hungers to get out there with you and others as part of my healing process. I feel exactly as you described in many ways but I’m willing to do the work to feel better.
    Bless you and thank you for opening up new possibilities for all of us.
    Warmest regards, Caryl


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