#OptOutside with Unlikely Hikers!

Please RSVP on Facebook or comment here to let me know you’re coming!

#OptOutside with Unlikely Hikers Friday, November 24th! We’ll be meeting at lesser known Whitaker Ponds Nature Park in industrial northeast Portland. The park features a pond, a slough and a half mile loop trail.

Meet in the gazebo next to the parking lot at 10am!

This event is less about hiking and more about spending time in nature, identifying plant life, building community, acknowledging the history of the land we recreate on and also acknowledging what an amazing privilege it is to be able to access nature so easily in Portland.

Dress for rain! Bring snacks and water. This event is family friendly. Everyone can move at their own pace and not necessarily as a group. Most of the trail is very clear, wide and flat, but part of it has some roots jutting from the ground. Prepare for mud!


Everyone who wants to participate will receive a handout with various plant life found in the park. Snap a photo of what you find from the handout and upload to Instagram with the hashtags #UnlikelyHikers and #OptOutside. TWO winners will receive a $100 gift card to REI! (Further details and instructions given at meet-up.)

This event is sponsored by REI.

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