Queer Adventure Storytelling – November 8!

Queer Adventure Storytelling happens every second Wednesday of the month featuring stories of the outdoors, traveling, and beyond by queer, trans and gender non-conforming speakers. Let’s build a NEW outdoors narrative together!

RSVP on the FB invite or don’t, just come!
Lucky Labrador on N Killingsworth. 7pm. Free! All ages, but we can’t promise stories will be kid-friendly.

Our guests for November 8:

Emily Fisken, Christina Cabrales, Amie Freetly & Miché Lozano (bios below)
& your hosts!

Travis Clough & Jenny Bruso

NOTE: Come early! The room only seats 45-50 people so grab a seat before things get nuts. This is also a good idea if you’re planning to have dinner there.
Allies are welcome to attend. This space and the bathrooms are wheelchair accessible.

Are you interested in reading

or presenting at a future event?


We will need anywhere from 2-4 guests for each event, so shoot us an email with what you may have in mind and a little bit about your background as a queer adventurer. This can be defined as broadly as you like! QueerAdventureStorytelling@gmail.com



Emily Fisken is a queer skier, mountain biker and climber of mountains. She is passionate about deep imagination and is currently studying professional mental health counseling with a focus on the mind, body and spirit.

Christina Cabrales is an introvert, type A, dog lover, Latinx soft butch, and owner at Liberation Barbell. Prior to becoming a small business owner, she worked in food, finance, energy efficiency, and built furniture. She spent her childhood playing sports and adventured indoors and out and has been on a quest as an adult to find sustainable ways to stay active.

Amie Freetly is a queer trans tomboy, a city mouse who loves to recharge in the outdoors. Amie grew up chasing waterfalls and camping in the Midwest, but stopped hiking during transition. Amie recently escaped Texas, and is rediscovering a love of the outdoors in Portland.

Miché Lozano is a gender-queer, first-generation, Mexican immigrant with over 5 years of experience working in the field of conservation biology. All the way from southern Arizona, they have been traveling and living the “#vanlife” in their super sweet converted tiny home for exactly one year this month, doing seasonal conservation work, rock climbing, and exploring all over the West. You can watch many of their expeditions on their Youtube channel !Viva La Van! or follow them on instagram @viva_la_van_

& your hosts:

Travis Clough – Queer lover of mountains and all things outdoor adventure. Originally from Maine, he now adores exploring the Cascades. He is the Operations Manager & Instructor for the The Venture Out Project – ventureoutproject.com, an LGBTQ+ outdoor organization based out of Portland, OR and Northampton, MA.

Jenny Bruso – Queer, fat, femme, former indoor kid and writer whose life changed after an accidental hike in 2012. Through her blog, jennybruso.com, and instagram community, @UnlikelyHikers, she aims to put a spotlight on diversity, inclusion and visibility in the outdoors.

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