Eagle Rock

Location: Warner Springs, California

Level: moderate
Round trip/Gain: 6.6 miles/900ish ft.
Type: out-and-back
Permit: n/a

There are so many things I loved about this trail. 1) It feels good hiking in/around San Diego. It’s adding so much dimension to the place I grew up in. Being a tourist in your hometown can be a good thing. 2) I’d seen the photos, but damn, that is a motherfucking eagle! 3) I love dry desert grass lands this time of year. All of that gold! And the cacti! 4) It’s fun playing Thru-Hiker and then getting to go home. 5) I liked thinking about my friends who’ve hiked those miles.

A lot of this trail is super exposed. Wear sunscreen, bring extra water. I lucked out with perfect weather, overcast and cool. Another interesting thing, when I got to Eagle Rock, I realized you could almost drive up to it. The main road through Warner Springs skirts it by a few hundred yards, though you can barely see the road while on trail. I still would’ve chosen to hike, but it’s good to know that you can see it without hiking if you don’t want to.

A beautiful oak grove lines the first mile or so.




Never pick the wild sage! It is a sacred plant. I always love coming across it.
Desert Madrone goddess business



Why are these scenes so engraved in my soul?




We made it! INCREDIBLE!!!
Brie casually enjoying herself. “Oh, this here?”
Me, not so casual.
Yes, every single one of these photos needs to be shared.
Someone was playing with my phone…
Sexy oaks romancing us on.


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Wildfires are ripping through some of our most beloved lands. National Parks, many sections of the Pacific Crest Trail and then there’s the Columbia River Gorge, my favorite place, the place that showed me who I really am, which has been on fire since September 2nd. . The Gorge fire was started by a group of teenagers setting off fireworks, and as horrifying as that sounds, intuitively, I knew there were multiple issues at play for this stupid action to go so horribly awry. It was also a moment for me to acknowledge that I don’t really know how to talk about conservation and I know that as a public figure, it is my responsibility. The way we treat the environment and our public lands is indicative of how we treat our people. It is intersectionality in a nutshell, one of the principles Unlikely Hikers is built on. . I am committed to educating myself and sharing information. I want to be of service to this land that gives me so much, that gives me myself. I hope you will join me. . Fire is a part of life. Indigenous peoples managed the land by burning underbrush, creating prairies for better hunting and agriculture. It also gives trees more space to grow and makes lands less susceptible to man-made fires. Fire can even bring back nearly lost species of plants. These fires are not a death, an end. They are just chapters in the greater story. If you love these lands, be a part of the next chapter. . Location: Eagle Rock on the Pacific Crest Trail, California #pct . Tag #unlikelyhikers or #unlikelyhiker to be featured! . . . [image description: image 1 – woman sits atop a large rock formation in the shape of an eagle 2 – person in the distance walking a trail cutting through a wide dry grassy expanse. Dramatic clouds reveal a bit of blue sky. 3 – an old oak tree, graceful and twisting.]

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