Pacific Crest Trail at Timberline Lodge

Location: Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood, Oregon

Level: easy to Zig Zag Canyon / Beginner Level: doable
Round trip/Gain: 4.4 miles/500 ft
Type: round trip
Permit: n/a

True story: this was my first time at the Timberline Lodge in my fourteen years of living in Portland. I’d driven up there a few times for the view, but never actually entered the lodge or hiked on the trails. I’m really not trying to be a kill joy, it was cool, but I think the best part was all of the stinky PCT hikers, stuffed from the brunch buffet, stretched out in every possible direction looking so happy.

There were tons of little trails spurring off from the lodge, so I couldn’t really tell which way to the PCT, but then I realized they all essentially braided together after a hundred yards or so.

Timberline Lodge from the PCT. Mt. Jefferson in the distance.




I think this was Little Zig Zag Canyon.

My plan was to hike to Paradise Park, about 6 miles in (a 12-mile loop), but my body had other plans. It’s been about eight months of my body having other plans and I’m so tired of it. My plantar fasciitis was at an eleven barely two miles onto the trail… WHY?!?!?!?






Everything was GORGEOUS! Honestly, stunning. I felt so grateful to get some of these last views of summer wildflowers because they’ve died out pretty much everywhere else already. Still… ugh, my feet were screaming bloody murder. I felt so happy and also awful when I see this guy in full backpacking gear at a distance. We’re on a narrow strip of trail with a sheer drop off. I saw a safe enough part of the trail to stand down and let him pass. Instead of thanking me or even absentmindedly ignoring me, he said, “oh, you must need a break.” (If you don’t know, fat people get comments like this A LOT.) I responded, “nope, just sharing the trail.” I felt bizarrely unaffected. I even laughed at what an asshole he was. I just didn’t care and that feels amazing.


Zig Zag Canyon, my unplanned turnaround point making only 4.4 miles round trip. Why body why?!?! But geez, look at that!


I still enjoyed my post-hike car buffet like I did the whole twelve miles.

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3 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail at Timberline Lodge

  1. Ain’t nuthin’ like plantar fasciitis to ruin a hiker’s life. But I’m not going to stop walking. Good grief, I’d rather curl up into a ball and die. Life saved by an excellent massage therapist! Hike on…


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