Falls Creek Falls

Location: near Carson, Washington

Permit: Northwest Forest Pass

Option 1
easy to falls / Beginner Level: challenging
Round trip/Gain: 3.4 miles/650 ft
Type: round trip

Option 2
moderate to top of falls
Round trip/Gain: 6.3 miles/1150 ft
Type: loop

My mind is a little blown by this trail. I’ve been out there three times in three different seasons, and I keep finding out new things about it. Apparently, after the top of the big falls, there are two more waterfalls! And caves! I can’t vouch for any of it as I’ve only done the trail to the falls and then the loop to the top of the falls. Anyway, some things to research if you decide to get out there.

My little sister was in town and I wanted to really impress her, which isn’t hard to do here. I arranged for us to see my two favorite waterfalls, starting with Panther Creek Falls.


My lil sis def wasn’t in San Diego anymore. Also, she’d probably hate this photo, but I think she looks adorable.

We got back in the car and drove the 30 or so minutes to the Falls Creek Falls trailhead. We only had time to trek out to the falls, but it’s the best part anyway.

My sis way ahead of me because my plantar fasciitis fucking me up again.
stupid shit that made me laugh.
Teensy suspension bridge
Admiring the mosses
Falls Creek Falls!!!
leafy lacy light leaks
This is what you take if you want to go to the top of the falls and/or start the loop.
This was in November 2014, my first time there. Unbelievable!

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