Unlikely Hikers Group Hike: Warrior Point

Unlikely Hikers creates safer, supportive outdoor community for people underrepresented in outdoors culture: people of color, people of size, trans and gender non-conforming individuals and so on. This is *not* to conflate those experiences, but to share group hiking space at the intersections of these experiences. We LOVE our allies, but if you do not fit into this, I recommend checking out meetup.com which has TONS of hiking groups for various needs & communities.


Facebook invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/1062111517252744/

Warrior Point is on Sauvie Island with a cool little lighthouse. It’s a seven mile round trip trail and completely FLAT! In terms of difficulty, I can’t tell you what your body can do, but no hiker will be left behind!

Unlikely Hikers group hikes are social, community-building experiences. We move at a slower pace as a group. If you are someone who needs to crush miles, this is not the group for you.

Meet at the trailhead at 10am! I’d also love to talk about carpooling to reduce our carbon footprint. Let’s do so in the comments.

Trail stats:

Level: Easy to Moderate
Length: 7 miles
Elevation: 0 ft. gain!
Type: out and back
***Permit: Fish & Wildlife permit can be bought at the Cracker Barrel on Sauvie Island for $10 a day, or $30(ish, I think) for a year long pass, but it expires in December.
Google map: Don’t bother. Have you ever been to Collin’s Beach on Sauvie Island? The trailhead is at the very end of Reeder Road. Basically, when you get to Sauvie Island, drive 1.8 miles past the Cracker Barrel and turn right onto Reeder Road for 12.8 miles. NOTE: the last 2.2 of the road are gravel, but it’s not fucked up and pot-hole ridden.

You can peep the overly-wordy trail write-up on Oregon Hikers: http://www.oregonhikers.org/field_guide/Warrior_Point_Hike

Please bring a water bottle and snacks. Not sure what the weather will be like, but this hike is notoriously MUDDY! Getting dirty and gross in nature is good for you!

For more hiking 101 and gear info and nerdery: https://jennybruso.com/gear-list-and-tips/

I don’t want lack of transportation or gas money or parking fee to be a factor in someone deciding not to come. If you need help getting there, please get in touch with me and I’ll work it out for you. Lack of financial access is a huge barrier for many people, myself included, when it comes to the outdoors.

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