Unlikely Hikers Nice & Slow Group Hike – Wapato Access Trail



The next Unlikely Hikers Nice & Slow Group Hike is on the books for Sunday, September 10, the Wapato Access Trail on Sauvie Island. The Nice & Slow group hikes are specifically for those who NEED a slower pace on a flatter, shorter trail. This is for the chronic pain cuties, fat babes who want/need a supportive setting like this, etc. I want to create a safer space for people to experience their bodies in nature while doing light movement.

If the above doesn’t exactly apply to you, but you want a slower group hike, please join one of my other hikes which are always slower paced.

We will move as a group and take as many breaks as we want. No hiker left behind!

This is a private, invite-only event. Please send me a message/e-mail and a few words about your unique needs. I will need your e-mail address!

Write-up for this trail:

♥ ♥ ♥ Unlikely Hikers is for those underrepresented in outdoors culture: people of color, people of size, trans and gender non-conforming individuals and so on. This is *not* to conflate those experiences, but to share supportive group hiking space at the intersections of these experiences. ♥ ♥ ♥


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