Finding Time

The way we live these days is so fast-paced, sometimes it feels like a factory line: do more, do better, productivity always. We’re also constantly bombarded by information due to our beloved smartphones. It’s sensory overload! Being able to turn to hiking to disconnect from the busyness of life is vital to my self-care. The rhythm of movement and fresh air is so meditative and grounding. It keeps me in touch with my basic needs. I am more than my output.

The only “bad” thing I have to say about hiking is it’s a huge time commitment and sometimes, I just don’t have time. I’ve been so busy in the best ways due to all of this media attention and also working my full-time job. I’m exhausted! Happy, grateful, stoked, but exhausted. I’ve been so tense, pent up and overly plugged in!

It was my partner’s birthday the other day and all we wanted to do was be in nature and relax. We hung up a hammock in the woods near the Oregon Coast and I could actually feel the stress evaporate into the salty, ocean air. I breathed deeply. I felt my shoulders loosen. I wasn’t there long, but it was just the reminder I needed: I might not have hours to commit to hiking, but getting out into nature doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Sometimes, it is just being still in a beautiful place and taking in the view.

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