Day Trip: Rattlesnake Falls

  • Location: Husum, Washington
  • Google map: don’t bother. From the Hood River Bridge, head west for 1.5 miles then make a right on SR 141. After 6 miles, just past Wet Planet, turn right onto Oak Ridge Rd. for 0.8-mile. Turn Right on Rattlesnake Rd and set your odometer. At the nine mile mark (most of this is unpaved, but fine for 2-wheel drive in drier weather), stay right and soon you’ll see the R1800 junction just after a tree with a “6” on it. Ignore any other trees with “6” on them, just pay attention to the mileage (I saw at least one other “6” tree).  Turn right for another 0.8 until it dead ends.
  • Drive time from Portland: 1h45m
  • Permit: n/a
  • Intensity: Easy (Beginner Level: Doable, but there is a creek crossing). 0.5 mile, little to no elevation gain
  • Open: mid April through July? Depends on the rain, I imagine it completely dries up in hotter months.
  • Pair with: Coyote Wall, Panther Creek Falls, a visit to White Salmon or Hood River

So, real talk, I almost didn’t write about this one because there were too many variables I didn’t get a chance to explore in time. The trail isn’t suuuuuper clear in parts, but it’s literally a half-mile round trip, so this is your disclaimer and try not to get lost?

When you pull up at the dead end, there’s sort of a small hill of dirt where you can clearly see a path sort of etched through.

The little hill of dirt at the dead end.
The trail right, which I took.
It’s a little hard to see, but there is a trail option if you cross the creek. I did not take this, instead I went right and walked along the creek. I would bet this goes straight to the falls, too, and you’d be on the best side to actually see everything.

Now, I followed the trail right and walked along Rattlesnake Creek with no problem, but it also looks like you can cross the creek there and walk on the other side. I note this because I am willing to bet both lead pretty clearly to the falls. Again, I can’t vouch for that. It may be better to cross the creek there in the beginning because while the path to the right leads to the top of the falls, to get a good look you do have to cross to the open grassy side. I had no problem doing this in mid-may while the water was little more than ankle-deep. Unfortunately, due to low water, I assume this mostly dries up. The second falls to the left of Rattlesnake Falls was completely dried up already.

I’ll update this next year or, you know, later if it pours all summer 😦 😦 😦

Beautiful short walk through the woods to the top of the falls.


This is where the trail to the right leads. You really can’t see the falls unless you cross.
It was actually fairly easy and I am super clumsy and generally panic at a creek crossing.
Rattlesnake Falls! And you can kinda see the dried up falls to the left. I will definitely head back earlier next season.

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