Linnton Loop

  • Level: moderate
  • Length: 5.2 miles
  • Elevation: 930 ft. elevation gain
  • Type: loop
  • Open: all year
  • Permit: n/a
  • Drive time from Portland: +/-15m
  • Google map: “Linnton Loop Hike Trailhead”

This is my current favorite in-town hike. There are ridiculously gorgeous parts and annoying parts and difficult parts and old growth trees and all kinds of turns and changes to keep me on my toes, sometimes literally. There are downhill pitches where I basically tip-toe. It was the first tougher trail I did while rehabbing my knee and I’m hooked on it.

I don’t have exact mileage for each direction, but none of the stretches are very long. I’ve included TONS of photos to help.

From the trailhead:

Take the Linnton Trail to the small foot bridge and cross. Get ready to climb! When you reach the junction with fire lane 10, turn left. You’ll be taking this downhill and then steeply uphill until you reach Germantown Rd. This part is not my favorite: you’ll have to turn right along the road and walk for about .03-mile to the Wildwood trail. Cross the street to the Wildwood trailhead, hop on the Wildwood passing the Cannon Trail and then turn left onto the unsigned Waterline trail. This part also sucks. It’s steep and usually muddy, but it’s short. Stay on this until you reach Leif Erickson and turn left going all the way down to the Leif Erickson trailhead on Germantown Rd. You’ll cross the street and pass the green gate to fire lane 9. Not kidding, this may be the steepest pitch I have ever hiked, but at least it’s downhill. Unfortunately, it’s also super muddy. Trekking poles are a big help. When you finally get down to the bottom of the hill, the trail forks left and right, turn right toward a residential street and turn left on Willark. Stay straight on Willark to the end of the culdesac. There is a public staircase to the left of the last house on the right. Take that all the way down and turn left miraculously back to your car.

At the trailhead
This is a backwards view, but you want to turn left here onto fire lane 10.
Just before you reach Germantown Rd. from fire lane 10
turn right at Germantown Rd. for a .03ish roadwalk to the Wildwood Trailhead
Wildwood trailhead
Turn left here onto the Waterline Trail
Pass this gate and turn left onto Leif Erickson Rd.
Leif Erickson Rd.
Cross Germantown Rd. from the Leif Erickson trailhead to fire lane 9. This part gets really special.
After the hellish decline, you’ll see this gate. Turn right where it forks.
Turn left here onto Wilark, a residential street.
If you’re starting to wonder where the fuck you’re going, you’re going the right way.
At the very end of the culdesac, just past this jeep is a public staircase.
Take this all the way down and then turn left back to your car.


So many of these dark beauties on the trail today.

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Still searching for myself on sometimes impossible paths. Exercises in futility. I mean, tenacity. I mean, all of it.

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